Stubborn baby: what to do?

Each parent periodically faces children’s stubbornness. The smaller kid has a certain temperament, and his beliefs and glances grow together with him. Naturally, sometimes there will be situations when the child will insist on his. And this is normal. But if the child is stubborn constantly, he does not hear a stranger point of view and argue all the time, it is worth thinking.

Causes of children’s stubbornness

It is important to understand that the child can always remain obedient. After all, the child grows and changes, he has his own opinion on each situation. At the same time, he does not have a well-minded character, like adults. Therefore, sometimes it does not know how to properly express your thoughts and therefore can stubborn and capricious. In this case, you just need to learn to negotiate with the child, to teach it correctly speak, do not be angry, but to solve the problem and find a compromise.

If such communication does not manage to establish such communication, it is worth thinking in what circumstances the kid stubborn. And then find the causes of such behavior.

Here are the most common reasons for stubbornness:
Too many requirements – If the child is prohibited almost everything, it causes a protest. Naturally, the child will start stubborn;
Hyperopka – Any child needs a personal space. It is important to allow the baby to tie the shoelaces itself, there is a porridge and play in the yard. Should not do everything for a child;
permissiveness – If the baby is allowed everything, he does not see borders, then sooner or later, when there is a need to follow the rules, the child will begin to rebel. After all, he is not used to such a position;
Age crisis – In three years, five and seven years old, as well as from 11 to 16 years old, age crisis can appear. Someone he passes quite calmly, someone has very violently. It should be borne in mind that the crisis will pass, and that it is necessary for the development of the personality.

It is very important to find the cause of the child’s stubbornness. It will help to cope with the problem.

How to help yourself and baby?

A stubborn child causes its behavior of an emotional problem in the family, in the garden, school. Moreover, it may be disputes due to minor trifles, and there may be a situation where there is a danger to the life of a child (for example, neglect of safety rules on the road or at home). That is, the child can not only annoy his behavior of others, but also to harm oneself. Therefore, with stubbornness it is necessary to cope.
If the cause of stubbornness is the age crisis, it is important to be patient and correct to communicate with the child. It is necessary to be strict enough, but at the same time always support, with understanding refers to the unbalanced behavior of the child. It is important to give enough freedom and independence, but at the same time establish certain boundaries of the permitted.

Stubborn baby what to do

If the child is stubborn, because too many demands are presented to it, it is worth reconsidering its rules. Leave what is really important. And remove minor requirements that are not too important. The child will be easier if the requirements are less.

Hyperopka never brought anything good. Therefore, it is worth reconsidering your behavior. It is necessary to give a little child from the very birth of a little independence. And gradually these boundaries should be expanded. First, the baby must be allowed to play himself, and not to entertain him constantly, then allow you to wipe the dust, tie the laces, dress, choose friends, mugs and sections and so on. That is, independence, freedom of action is very important. They teach a child responsibility. But do not forget about certain boundaries. For example, playing the computer only half an hour a day, come home from a walk no later than 20.00 and so on.

Well, if the fault of all the election and permissiveness, you will have to establish new rules, introduce mandatory boundaries. At first it will be difficult, because the child is not used to the rules, so it will be stubborn very much. So, you need to enter them gradually, so that Choo does not immediately see the wall of the prohibitions. Enough one to two rules. And later you can also add a couple more.

The most common cause of stubbornness is the desire of parents to completely subordinate the child, without leaving him the right to choose. It is not right. In this case, the protest will only increase, the child will accustomed to defend its rights, applying all the resources (especially in adolescence). Such children grow brutal, authoritarian. Maybe this option when the child loses any activity and submits to the requirements of others. And in adulthood, such a person will be frantic and misinterminate. And this means that the boundaries must be installed, but do not forget about the development of independence in a child, about the provision of certain freedom.

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