Stronger, thicker, stronger! Means that will help turn exhausted hair into a chic mane

The hair is shaking, dull, confused, break and look at all like in advertising – every girl came across with such problems. And grandmother’s blade from the burdock or a yolk mask do not save at all. Heavy artillery will come to the rescue – hair products that will save even the most straw tails. They will surely help!

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Pantene Hair Biology Collection "Volume and Shine"

In advertising hair what? Right, volumetric and spring, lush and not tortured by hard life. The new collection of Pantene Hair Biology "Volume and Light" will help to get closer to the telenection. Trio shampoo, air conditioner and masks make hair 2 times more volumetric and returns glitter because it provides proper nutrition.

Formula Pantene Hair Biology with Omega 9 and lotus flower – Present salvation for thinned hair. Lotus flower is famous for its antioxidant properties that contribute to the preservation of color and gloss. Thanks to Omega 9, Pantene formula envelops every hair, creating a thin adaptive nano-film on its surface, similar to a natural protective layer of hair. Well, a wonderful fragrance – a separate story, turning a simple head wash into real pleasure.

Moisturizing Hair Cream Phyto 7

Phyto 7 Hair Cream – Exceptional Hair Care Means. It includes extracts of 7 plants (Malva, calendula, sage, reurenik, Iva, soy, rosemary), which moisturize and restore dry hair. Cream with melting low-fat texture retains the optimal level of hair moistening, facilitates laying and removes static electricity, without weighting hair.

Shampoo and air conditioning Ilana with keratin and milk

The creator of the new brand – the star "Ural Pelmeni" Ilan, whose business card – luxurious long hair. And she knows exactly how the right care is important for them. "I always" chemically "with hair: I’ll shorten the night in coconut oil, I will wash ice water," says Ilana. – later began to get involved in Japanese cosmetics, but give 2-3 thousand per position for one position – very conside. In general, I was all my life in finding the perfect hair care and finally created it myself!"

Shampoo and air conditioner for damaged and devoid of hair

Keratin penetrates deep into the hair, while maintaining power from the inside, smoothes the surface, making hair smooth and silky. Arginine works with a superficial layer, holds moisture, preventing dried, fragility, lamination. Natural phytocofeins strengthens hair roots, prevents falling, promotes growth. The funds are recommended to use in the complex to achieve the effect of lamination.

Stronger, thicker, stronger! Means that will help turn exhausted hair into a chic mane

Care Aussie SOS Deep Restoration

Intensive care agent SOS 3 Minute Miracle

Fantastic remedy with a saturated formula that will give your hair. Superintless nutrition and moisturizing. This tool transforms and restores even damaged hair in just 3 minutes!

Intensive mask Aussie SOS Recovery

Everyone has moments when needed additional care and care. Including your hair. Try a new unique tool – Aussie mask with lemon mirt in ampoules, the formula of which allows you to penetrate the most deep into the hair structure for their full recovery.

SOS thermal protection insisted spray

The incisible spray of Aussie SOS is valid instantly, protecting the hair from the negative effects of high temperatures due to the restoring properties of the extract of Tasmansky pepper. Just one application, and a new incisible spray take care of your hair health.

Mixit and Taha_Safari Hair Care Collection

Moisturizing shampoo and balm with waving wood notes will leave on his hair a light voy of perfume, will give them intense moisturizing and care. Developed a duet in collaboration with a stylist on the hair of Taha Safari. Oil Krambe feeds deeply, strengthens and moisturizes; Marine glycogen activates hair follicles, promotes hair growth; Sweet almond oil contains the necessary hair vitamins and amino acids; Inulin enhances the protective functions of the scalp, smoothes the hair and summarizes the action of all components.

Herbal Essence Bio Collection: Renew with Aloe

Our favorite Brand of Herbal Essences, collaborating with the Royal Botanical Garden Kew in London, is a new collection with natural composition – 0% sulfates, parabens and dyes; Useful antioxidants and high concentration of aloe extract rich in vitamins and polysaccharides.

Line "Aloe and Bamboo" to strengthen hair with bamboo extract, which gives hair strength and elasticity. Shampoo gently cleanses and strengthens hair, and a rinser-enriched balsam, which is gently moisturized, strengthen their hair, give them shine and stunning fragrance.

Stronger, thicker, stronger! Means that will help turn exhausted hair into a chic mane

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