Strong woman: be or not to be

Today, in fashion, strong women, with a steel grip and iron nerves, but is it possible to raise the power of the will without destroying your life? Is it worth breaking ourselves for the sake of fashion trends? We found out what threatens excessive self-confidence.

So it was necessary for the time of the centuries that the woman should be the creation of gentle and fragile, and its main purpose in maintaining a homemade focus. However, for more than a dozen years old, a fair floor representative break all possible stereotypes – they build a career no worse than men, hold senior positions, manage their family, solve the tasks that, by and large, suggest a strong male hand and volitional character. We demand independence, independence, build muscles, both physically and morally, we demand equality in relationships. The only question is what purpose we pursue in an attempt to be equal to the opposite sex, for which we are so strive to take a leading position and is it so good as it may seem at first glance.

Is it good to be strong

Today, no one will surprise the fact that the wife earns a lot more husband. Many do not even surprise the fact that such a woman doesn’t have a husband at all and quite independently grow children. In a word, strong weak sex representatives in our world are added every day.

Alas, often female power accompanies with loneliness. The fact is that men do not seek equality at all, it is for this reason that they, contrary to common myths, are not trying to overtake the volitional beauties, and they are completely tritely afraid of them, because, as you know, no one has ever invented the instructions for use. However, now the family in the traditional sense of the word is not in fashion – we have long left the habit of engaging exclusively by the house, children, hated cooking and cleaning the apartment, now we have types of men’s territory. We are not enough space in a small world – we choose a big.

It is incorrect and to believe that the volition woman seeks to loneliness, by and large, she does not have a different choice, because not all courageous handsome people are able to overtake it in a useless race. However, the first time, until youth and beauty rule the world, such a state of affairs may well arrange a careerist. Despite the total loneliness, we continue to build ambitious plans for the future, rapidly climb up the service stairs. To some extent, absolute independence from the opinions of others may benefit, after all, living with a permanent light-looking occupation and not always grateful.

Strong woman to be or not to be

True, the relationship with the opposite sex is reduced to mimolet meetings, and in morestally, it is exclusively for intimate proximity, a man becomes only one of the stages of life path, and besides, not the main. Is it good? The question is controversial, especially when you are not even thirty, life seems long, and dreams about everything to do everything – more than implemented. But the time has the ability to end faster than it seemed to us at the beginning, men choose weak and pliable, and strong remains at the broken trough.

What is the weakness of a strong woman

Agree, the blows of fate are able to harde us, allow us to acquire the so-called armor, which will continue to protect us from various vital difficulties, but sometimes we have to become hostages of our own armor. Every purposeful and volitional representative of the beautiful floor sometimes want to get rid of the mail and the shield, the cherry of his independence, at the same time she wants to find a man next to which you can simply relax and be slave. But here is a paradox: if someone allows themselves to take her hand and a story somewhere … "Eh, no," Military Virgo says, – we are not going in that direction. Take me away from me in there, and quickly!"

We are afraid of losing control, and as a result – power. As in all other spheres of their life, in their personal relations a strong woman retains its independence as a top priority. She laughs when he hears that her place in the kitchen, she is able to stand up for himself, she wants to receive education and make money. She gives birth to children when she is ready for this, and not because it’s time, and not to keep a man. And she does not allow anyone to decide for himself what to do with her life. In the family, if it is still there, because of this, serious problems often occur. And the trouble here is not at all in the section of the controlled territories, but in the fact that one day she will cease to respect his partner, she ceases to consider it reliable, responsible, in the end, necessary. It is not difficult to guess that such marital relations often turn into children’s parents, and then under pressure controlling and guarding wife, the husband becomes helpless and capricious.

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