Strong pain when breastfeeding

It is believed that if the nipples hurt during the chest sucking — This is a sign of improper applying. In most cases it is so. However, there are women with supersensitive skin, which even with proper applying in the first days or weeks of feeding may experience pain. It is connected with the new load on the skin of the nipple and the range, it takes time to adapt, provided that the applying is still correct. But let’s clarify what it is. With the right applying, mom actively sends his nipple and most of the AREOL. Kroch captures the chest, and when he lets her. Nipples Mom may look elongated, like a smooth cylinder, without braids and jams. The skin is not injured, the color of the nipple does not change (it remains the same as the Arega). How to facilitate the pain arising until the right attachment will be settled? Pick up the right pose for feeding. For example, the pose lying often leads to improper applying, since mom’s mobility is limited. More convenient for training deep applying feeding sitting or standing, so you can use both hands. If you have been made of episiotomy in childbirth (cutting crotch), it is convenient and not hurt you will sit between two rigid chairs, so that the crotch area remains on the weight between them.

Feed kid a short time, do not let the crumb „hang out" In the chest for a long time. If you feed a child once every 1.5-2 hours, but 5-10 minutes, it will greatly facilitate your life and may warn the injury to the nipples. It is important to competently pick up your chest in the kid: enter your finger in the corner of your mouth (about hand washing, I think it is not necessary to speak), unzip the gums and only after that free the nipple and the. Not sin in this case feed the baby from both breasts, thanks to this, the load on the nipples will decrease by half. As soon as the situation with applying changes to the better, go to feeding from one breast into one feeding. During feeding session, try not to focus on pain; Find the opportunity to distract. To do this, have a favorite book at your hand, watch movies, talk on the phone with girlfriends. If you have already finished feeding the crumb, and the baby wants to also fall asleep without chest, it is quite possible to point on the handles. The most important — believe that the child is able to fall asleep and without sucking your chest. Yes, first the crumb will hone. But the energetic stripping will help with a lullaby will help the baby calm down and plunge into sleep. After the child fell asleep, be sure to lubricate the nipples by pouring creams (Purilan, Bepanten, Salkoirel and DR.). If you eat or hurt the Area, use cold compresses for treatment, you can even attach the ice for a while (10-15 minutes several times a day). Useful beast air baths.

Chest pain

In the first days, while breasts produces, quite a bit of colostrum, it is soft. And for 3-5 days, the change of colostrum on the first transition milk begins. A feeling of fullness, cutting and pain, the chest becomes filled and tight, increases in volume. Some moms frightened by such rapid changes in the dairy glands, resort to complaining. But most often in the first hours of the arrival of milk, the breast is practically impossible to see. Do not panic and do not call to help the nurse in order to bloom your breasts. The assistant will start massaging the chest, literally „squeezing" her, which will cause even greater pain in the cormal. If you grind milk in large quantities, it will provoke the body of the mother to produce more and more milk, thereby becoming chronic. It is very important to remember the main principle of lactation — „Demand creates supply" — Will the moment of active tide of milk to apply to the baby’s chest. However, you should not expect that the breast will be immediately soft. Mine task — Throwing out, wait and keep calm. Usually the next day the situation begins to change, the lactation comes to normal, and the feeling of overcrowding the breast becomes more tolerant.

Strong pain when breastfeeding

Muscular pain

Muscular pain can also accompany a nursing mom in the first days or even weeks. This happens for various reasons. With a painful applying, mom is clamped, strains his shoulder, back and in a couple of days it feels pain in the muscles. So it is very important to get enough for feeding as convenient as possible, think over everything to the smallest detail. If mom feeds sitting, it is important that she can learn about something that the back was relaxed. Under the baby it is better to put a pillow, so that mommie does not need to be additionally strained hands while holding it. Listen to your feelings at the time of applying and feeding the baby, watch where you are clamped, and the volitional effort relax these blocks. All the difficulties associated with the organization of proper breastfeeding, solved. The main thing for mom — not to lose patience and hope, and her loved ones — be attentive to mommy, help and encourage her. Usually after 3-4 weeks after the birth, everything becomes in its place, the lactation stabilizes, the skills of the right applying are exhausted. Life becomes more predictable and established.

Strong pain when breastfeeding

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