Strong men are afraid of strong women

It’s no secret that our Strong men afraid of strong women, which some raise children work on good work, and are proud that they are alone. It seems to me that in our time, many women believe that a man is a burden for them. Especially when a man drinks or does not work, then of course a woman will be easier to be alone than with such a man, and unwitting a woman begins to assume that one is much easier and easier. And with such thoughts they begin to implement all their desires and dreams. Gradually, they cease to need in someone’s help, because such women begin to live according to the principle «no one will do better than me», It is easier for them to do something yourself than to trust anyone, because, making a case, she is sure that the work is made on a bang. Such women are not accustomed to accepting assistance from men, and men are not particularly burning desires to help such a woman.

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And communicating with his girlfriend, we affected all the topics that worry the whole beautiful female half of the earth, what to wear where to go and, of course, men. We talked about the fact that the woman is weak and that she always needs help, whether it is even a material or spiritual. We talked to this topic precisely because she one brings up a child, and she would not hurt help from.

Strong men are afraid of strong women

It is by nature a very modest and naive man who does not know how to ask for help from men, and she does not particularly show what needs help. She needed that a man himself noticed that she needed and gave himself without any requests. However, wait «By the sea of ​​weather» There is no time, you need to live and survive. And to some extent she believes that to ask for help from men below their dignity. However, some individuals manage to receive help even in cases where it is not required. Not at all required. Help, Gifts, Walking, Restaurants – All this they know how to receive without asking. And they all take it, believing that they are much more than it. How it’s done? Why someone asks and does not get, and someone does not ask, but gets?

Recently, her friend called her abroad to rest, and she told me about it in shock. She just turned around a helpless woman who can not afford to leave abroad. She said that he could not afford it and that he would not brag about the future trip, as he teases her inaccessible. And immediately received an invitation to relax together at his expense. She didn’t even preteen to a helpless woman, and she became on the split second of himself, saying that she could not. Why women are implemented strong, thereby scringing men and their care and help, if it’s much easier to be yourself, to be a weak woman, being the one that you are, and immediately in a few invitation in your pocket? Isn’t it easier to be weak? Yes, of course a woman manages to be strong, but much more difficult to be of one who you are. Power in weakness. It is only worth becoming weak and a man with stacks will lie to help weak. That is the power. But if you do not consider yourself weak, at least pretend to be weak to get help and attention from the side of the man, be cunning, not proud. After all, a woman should be cunning, not strong. And a woman should know that power in weakness.

Any man is afraid of a strong successful woman. If a woman rides Lexus’e, and he just for Ford’e, then naturally, incompleteness complexes will begin to develop. And for some reason, there is no such thing in our world (maybe, but I did not meet this) that after such a man tried to be better than a woman, for some reason he begins to envy her and hate her. And because of this, not just a man, but Strong men afraid of strong women.

Our country has a popular saying about a woman «and in the burning hut will go and the horse will stop». Is it not a duty of a man in a burning hut go and save a woman from fire, which with screams pray for help in that hut? Isn’t the duty of a man’s horse on a jump to stop to save a woman who sits on that horse? Is our strong men lost strength? No, they just relax, because the woman everything herself can, because it is strong. She and the nail will come up, she will cook and eat, she will put a child to sleep, and she will bring the money in the house. And what makes the man at this time? And our strong half does not last the sofa and rapes TV. We, weak learned strong to idleness, pretending to be strong. I won’t be surprised if the saying about women will be popular soon «The real woman should make three things in his life: plant a tree, build a house, and give birth to a daughter»…And why do we need a son? If the daughter can do the same?

And discussing her future trip, she said more such men who would be ready to pay your trip abroad…or real men. And yet I believe that in every man there is a real man who is not only ready to pay a trip abroad, but also the whole of our lives, which consists only of beauty salons and expensive boutiques. Just a woman needs to be a real woman, that is, a weak woman, but before a good one to kick a man, that a real man awakened. And then in our lives there will be no men who are willing to pay, and there will be real men who will be ready to wear us on their hands.

Strong men are afraid of strong women

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