Strong character, powerful mother and other strangest reasons for the separation of star couples

It seems to many that celebrities bathe in glory, luxury and attention, and in their personal life they do not have trouble. However, sometimes their families rushed due to strange reasons: someone does not suit the complex nature of the spouse, and someone terrifies the partner with its interests.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk

Bright star couple Bradley Cooper and Irina Shake broke up after four years of relationship. The official wedding couple of fans did not wait, but in March 2017, celebrities were born daughter Leia de Cien Shayk Cooper.

Rumors about the separation of stars began after their joint access to the Oscar Prize in 2019. Then the actor openly flirted with the singer Lady Gaga, who played his beloved Hero in the film "Star Born". After the ceremony of Gaga denied rumors about the novel with Cooper, but on the ball Met Gala Irina Shayk appeared without a beloved.

In May 2019, American Tabloid said that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shake really broke up, but they do not intend to comment on this situation. After nine months of silence in an interview for British Vogue Supermodel decided to raise the veil of secrets and first told about the reasons for a break with a famous actor.

According to Irina, in a relationship with men prevents her strong character: "I definitely know what I want, some men are afraid of this. If someone leaves my life, then it goes finally, I really walked all ties. I think some are afraid of this cold. Not many know that under all this – a kind, a dear man who cries in an interview ".

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

September 19, 2016 Angelina Jolie filed a divorce with Brad Pitt due to disagreements in the methods of raising children. Later in different media, the main cause of parting was called the actor’s alcohol dependence.

At some point, Brad Pitt began to abuse alcohol, lose control over himself and switched to the discharge of hazardous fathers. The latter drop was the incident on board a private aircraft when the laureate of Oscar was already ready to raise her hand on the senior adoptive son of a couple. Jolie gave a large interview with Vogue, in which he stated that he broke up with Pitt exclusively "for the benefit of the family". She considers this decision perfectly correct, because children and their spiritual health for her in the first place.

"We have a winery. I really liked to enjoy her products, but at a certain point I had to come to my face. Honestly, I could drink like a Russian under the table with vodka. Was a professional. When I had a family, tied up with many habits, except drunkenness. From the end of study in college I can not remember the day when you didn’t drink alcohol. I drank a lot, and it became a problem, "the actor added.

Nicholas Cage and Eric Koyake

The famous actor married several times. First of his marriage lasted nine months, and the second and less – three and a half months. Later, Nicholas still found family happiness with the waitress of Alice Kim, but after 12 years again became a bachelor.

Strong character, powerful mother and other strangest reasons for the separation of star couples

In March 2019, the actor and his girl, makeup artist Erika Cork, applied for marriage to one of the courts of Las Vegas and immediately signed. Eyewitnesses assure that Cage during this spontaneous ceremony was very drunk and reported passersby that his new wife will take all his money.

He also assured the former boyfriend Erika – a drug dealer. The girl reacted to all this calm. Four days, when alcohol pairs dispelled, the actor decided to divorce. Marriage was canceled, the actor broke his own records on the short-term family life, and the young wife did not wait for the honeymoon.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Hollywood actors got married in 2003 and were happy, as it seemed from the side, 12 years. Children were born in marriage – Daughter Epple and Son Moses. Odanko in 2015 it became known that one of the most beautiful and strong star couples decided to part.

The actress also admitted that about a year before the official announcement of the dissolution of marriage, they began to prepare for parting. There were days when they did not transfer each other, but they found the strength to smile, hugging and maintaining friendly relations for the sake of favorite children. According to Paltrow, it was the most difficult year in her life.

But Chris later complained about his friends that in recent years life with his wife was unbearable, and all because she forbade him eat meat. Their house had only vegetables, fruits and other useful products. Martin was indignant that she was taught to such a lifestyle of his wife and children who even refused to pour sweets. The musician himself was still trying to listen to his wife for some time, but she ate her favorite burgers and meat. Later he stated that he would not allow her to follow his diet.

Strong character, powerful mother and other strangest reasons for the separation of star couples

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