Striving for perfection

The world around the world is trying to change us all the time. Our exterior appearance, our worldview. Binds us new standards, forms and t.D.

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Now girls began to sit on the exhausting, harmful diets to achieve the most 90-60-90. Thanks to the world debauchery, teenagers lose their virginity under 18. In grade 5, half, at least, tried a cigarette. There is a degradation of the population, and all because of what? Due to external factors.

When I realized all the seriousness of this problem, I turned off the TV, said, now it is littered with unnecessary things and stands in the corner. I was lucky with intelligent parents who gave me good upbringing. But I also sometimes became a victim of external factors.

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Fighting, first of all with himself, I had to find out for myself a few things:

1. Take yourself as you are.

It is clear as a day, but despite this, we are still unhappy with something. We may not arrange the length of the legs, face form, waist, fingers, hair, leather and t.D. And when we begin to be disgruntled, we become sad.

Striving for perfection

My advice: Speak five compliments to yourself every morning in front of the mirror; Watch out; And most importantly – love yourself! Look at yourself and love every centimeter of your body. We can’t love others if we don’t love ourselves. It’s already just egoism.

2. Improve yourself.

Don’t like your figure? Go to Proper Nutrition and run in the morning! Don’t like face form? Make yourself a new haircut that will hide all the flaws or make a good makeup! You do not like your character? I advise the method of Benjamin Franklin: Write those character qualities that you would like to have and every day appreciate them on a scale from 1 to 5.

You can make yourself better. The main thing is desire and stubbornness.

3. Be merciful.

"Want to change the world for the better? Start with yourself!". Do not stay indifferent when passing by a homeless animal. If you are asked for money on the street – let’s not me. You ask for help close? Help, do not deny the help of another person.

4. Love your enemies.

Otherwise than you better? Work on yourself, try not to keep angrily in yourself, she eats man. Do not fly – it harms your soul. The ability to forgive – the gift from God. Strive for this and you will achieve this!

5. Do not impose your point opinion.

Even when you see that a man is wrong, do not argue. During the dispute, a person will have the least to listen to you, and you threaten just to spoil relationships with this person.

Come on to listen and hear others, but at the same time you always have your personal opinion.

6. Come to admit your mistakes.

Do not be proud. The ability to recognize your mistake is also a lot of work on yourself. Again, learn to listen and hear people.

7. Be optimists.

Do not confuse a positive attitude with pink glasses. Good word – the best doctor, and a cheerful man – the best companion. Learn every day to see something good, at least in the trifles. So you will notice that every day is beautiful every day, and you will be easier to carry problems, you can quickly enjoy every new day.

eight. Make good actions.

Do not hesitate and do not be lazy to offer assistance to people. Learn kindness and let’s good tips for your loved ones.

Laziness – the killer of our opportunities. You can read an interesting book, but give preference to the lost time on the sofa. You can develop your creative talents, but give preference to another transmission. And what was this sense? Nic. Make yourself motivation, write it, come up with it! It can be a board with carved photographs of successful people, a photo of a new car, the quality you want to have and t.D. Inspire, but do not let me beat yourself. "Changing work is the best holiday".

ten. Plan your life.

Make plans for the future and do not be afraid to dream! Write plans for treating yourself, cleaning the house, schedule of the day and T.D. If you do not know what to take yourself, then before your eyes there should always be a plan, and nothing will live in vain!

These are the main tips that, as I think, should do every day anyone.

I advise you to watch movies: "The Devil wears Prada", "Amelie", "Good morning".

Life is an infinite movement. The world is changing every day as for the better and worse. Work on yourself, Improve, do not be proud and do this world better! No one will do it for you. I wish you always to be ourselves, whatever the situation you have gone to you.

Striving for perfection

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