Striptease at home

Striptease, at first glance, it seems difficult and requiring serious physical preparation of a thing. In addition, completely inapplicable at home. However, there is nothing impossible and impossible. In particular, if you correctly arrange priorities.

It is unlikely that someone will argue that almost all depends on the mood in the question of home striptease. Naughty and at the same time as the confident arrangement of the Spirit will be able to create a unique atmosphere of the upcoming event, and most importantly, will help you do everything right.

So that this most correct mood has not disappeared at the beginning, should not be indulge in destructive criticism, looking at himself in the mirror. Stop thinking about disadvantages and begin to emphasize your advantages. Hide what you don’t like, and underline what you are sure. In general, ladies, I don’t teach you to this. The main thing at this stage is not to rearrange with the underlines so that your future "scenic image" does not step over from erotic, seductive and desired in tasteless-vulgar.

Properly chosen outfit will help in this as nothing else. Dance clothes, in addition to spectacular species, must also be convenient. Imagine that you hardly have something unimaginable, long to bent and thousands of fasteners. Presented? And now think how you will shoot it, being in motion. Striptease should excite, and not to laugh. Therefore, lace underwear, translucent peignoir – good! Stockings and shoes on "Stilette" – just great!

For someone to dance striptease on "Stilette" It will not be easy. To figure it out for sure, practice. Near your own "Studes" And just walk, try to perform a pair of dance movements. If problems with equilibrium arise already at this stage, it is better to abandon the hairpins and pick up something more convenient and reliable. Perhaps other shoes will not be so effectable, but it is still better than in a responsible moment rumble into the floor and turn an ankle.

If you start to doubt something, do not be lazy and look for tips. Numerous sex shops will help with outfits, they even have special sections. With dancing a little more difficult, but here is not all hopeless. For example, you can see the right movie. One "show Gerls" what is just worth. This is exactly the stage of preparation when you can, without revealing the idea, involve a man in the process. Cinema can watch together. So you will give the right promise. Perhaps he will be interested in so much that it will try to know what is happening. Will start asking – you should not answer right. Intrigiate it and leave the field of activity for male imagination. Several exciting pictures with your participation in his brain – and you will have excellent sex.

Striptease at home

Muffle the light or turn off at all. Burn candles, perhaps even flavored. If there were no essential oils at hand, you can use essential oils. Only a little, the smell should not be too strong – only a light hint. All these simple and pretty simple actions will help create the right situation in the apartment. By the way, if you have difficulties with dance pas and all the time there is a feeling of awkwardness and stiffness, you should not despair. It is easy to fix and overcome if, for example, combine two actions in one. Part of your dance can be how you will create the right atmosphere in the apartment. Take your favorite hand and putting it on the "spectator place", turn off the light. Slash a few candles. Elegant Flying in advance filled glass of wine. Or fill the glass and hurt, and then approach it close and leave a light track on the lips from a kiss with a taste of a tart drink ..

Do not be afraid to start your dance next to him. One of the rules of stripping reads: "Troat it is impossible!". They, of course, can be neglected, but for the severity of sensations it is worth a try. Fold it, teach. Circling around it, kiss, but do not let’s touch yourself. You can even tie his hands with a silk scarf. Just knit symbolic and not much, absolutely not necessarily kneading in the back and tighten the knot. Dance should not turn into torture, at least, in the bad sense of the word, and his hands will still be useful.

By the way, even though it may seem strange, but than you are closer to a man at the very beginning of the dance, the easier you will hide your excitement and the more difficult to handle your man will cope with your emotions. And it is his emotional and pronounced reaction to your actions will help you feel yourself seductive and those who control the process.
Your dance is the same prelude that will help both tune in to the right, general wave. This is guaranteed to give you both new bright feelings.

Feel free to decide on this experiment, because you will be not someone else’s person, and he will help you every way. The effect of your efforts will exceed all expectations, I guarantee this as a man. Who knows, maybe even neighbors will go to smoke.

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