Stretching: Why does it need basic mistakes

Many fitness fans, regularly visiting intensive workouts, often neglect stretching. We decided to find out why the stretch is needed and what basic errors are allowed when it is fulfilled. On these and other questions, we answered a master of sports based on athletics and champion of Ukraine in jumping with a sixth Mitya Storovsky.

Stretching: Instructions for use

Stretching or Stretching – a set of exercises aimed at the development of body flexibility. The occupation makes ligaments and joints more elastic, allowing a person to perform movements in full amplitude. In addition, Stretching stimulates blood circulation and removes psycho-emotional tension.

There are many different types of stretching, but all of them can be divided into two large groups:

Static stretch. With this form of stretching, a person takes a certain position in which 30-60 seconds. All attention at this point is directed to the muscles involved. At the same time there should be no strong pain.

Dynamic stretch. It implies soft "spring" motion. With each such action, the amplitude of the movement increases, gradually pulling the muscles.

In turn, any stretch can be both passive (with the help of a partner) and active (independent).

As for the time of stretching, the short dynamic stretching can be carried out and must be carried out before active training. This type of stretching well warms the muscles and serves as a good warm-up. In addition, such actions will help to avoid unpleasant sensations in the muscles after training. Exercises of static stretch marks are remarkably suitable for a hint or full stretch training (several examples of stretching complexes we present at the end of the material).

Basic mistakes during stretching

Waiting for too fast results.

There are people are quite flexible from nature, most needed quite a long time to develop muscle elasticity. For example, girls, first of all, want to learn to sit on the twine. Often they hurry and allow sharp movements, which leads to injuries. In work on flexibility you need to be patient. It is important to carefully approach Strontching to not harm yourself. It is advisable to perform exercises under the control of the coach.

Stretching is too often or too rare.

Muscles need time to restore, so strictching too often does not make sense and simply attempts. Useless and stretch from time to time. Important systematics of classes.

Load for bundles and joints.

It happens that with the muscles, other fabrics are drawn, which can lead to crying consequences. So that this does not occur, for example, when stretching the leg muscles, slightly bend the knees, so you will reduce the load on the ligaments and joints. When working on transverse sword, turn out the socks up so as not to overload ankle.

Stretching why it needs both basic mistakes

Assymmetric work.

To preserve body balance, you must stretch the opposite muscles. That is, pulling the left leg, do not forget about the right. As already mentioned, Stretching does not just stretch the muscles, but also helps to remove fatigue, painful sensations and nervous tension. Very useful stretching exercises for office workers. Long stay in the same pose leads to unpleasant feelings in the muscles due to blood stagnation.

Office Exercise Complex

This small set of exercises, developed by our experts of the Milde Storovsky, can be done right in the workplace. It will help to stretch the body and will quickly lead into the tone. Of course, these actions are aimed primarily on the development of muscles, but on the removal of voltage. Working on the development of flexibility should be carried out under the control of the competent trainer, since the likelihood of injuries is. It is always important to remember the safety technique: do not do too sharp movements, keep your back straight, do not tolerate strong pain, take into account age and other features of the training. Carefully listen to your feelings and take care of yourself.

Tyan Shay. Slowly tilt your head right and make a smooth circular movement to the left shoulder and back. Repeat the action by starting on the other hand. At the same time, straighten your back, relax and lower the shoulders.

Stretch hands. Glowing your fingers together palms out and lift them upstairs. Along with hands pull and body. Shoulders try to omit. Breathe slowly and smoothly.

Pull back. With the pain in the back, the following exercise will help well: Put one arm on the top of the back at the bottom of the neck, bend the other in the elbow and start the lower back. Near your back and try to hide your fingers. Repeat the move by changing the position of the hands.

We stretch the legs. To stretch your legs, pull them out forward and actively pull the socks on yourself. Relax and repeat the move again.

Stretching why it needs both basic mistakes

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