Stretching of the shoulder belt: how and for what it is done

We all know about the benefits of longitudinal and transverse stretching of the legs, a soft stretching of the back, but few people have heard about the stretching belt. Meanwhile, the flexibility in the shoulders eliminates the clamps on this site, which are particularly characteristic of the people of the so-called "sedentary" professions – office workers, accountants, journalists, drivers, Shve and T.NS. Elastic muscles of the shoulder belt eliminate the pressure in the thoracic spine, thus aligning the posture, enhancing blood circulation and helping to breathe full of breasts. In this article we will tell you about exercises that contribute to improving the stretching belt stretching, helping to get all the bonuses from this.

8 exercises proposed below are executed in statics. Each position must be recorded for 20 seconds, trying to relax as much as possible, which will help increase the amplitude of the stretch.

Let’s start with symmetric poses.

Exercise 1

To begin with, go to the stomach, the hands crush in front of you, as if you are going to hug myself, elbows and forearms located on the floor on the same line, palms are sore into the floor. Under the breast you can place a small sofa pillow or brick for yoga. Try the elbows to post as far as possible from each other.

Exercise 2

Stand on all fours, from this position, boobs to the floor, stretching out the hands. Palms, forearm and elbows Place on the floor, Copchik direct to the ceiling. In Khatha-yoga, such a posture is called Uttan Shirshasan, which translated from Sanskrit means the pose of a sipped puppy.

Exercise 3

Now go to your back. Under the breast place the same sofa pillow or yoga brick. Bend legs in your knees, lay the feet together on the floor. Hands Inside, bend in the elbows and put on the floor palms up. Try to be the shoulders on one line, and the forearm was perpendicular to the shoulders.

Exercise 4

For the next exercise you will need yoga strap or fitness gum. Grasp the edges of the adaptation with your hands. Stand on your knees and sit on my heels. Straight hands lift over your head and spread to the sides, pulling the strap or gum.

From this position, run the slope to the left, keeping tension in your hands. Return to the original position and repeat the same slope to the right.

Next, go to other asymmetric stretch belts stretching exercises.

Exercise 5

Stretching the shoulder belt How and for what it is done

Now put the gum to the side and without changing the main posture, twist your hands in front of yourself, closer to the palm in Namaste. This situation is something like Garudasan (Eagle’s Pose) from Hatha Yoga, only not standing, but sitting on the heels. Bump up your hands and repeat the exercise, twisting the hands of each other in the opposite direction.

Exercise 6

Initial position is the same as in the previous exercise. Pull one hand in front of yourself and bend in the elbow by placing it at the chest level. Start your second hand to the side, placing behind the elbow of the bent upper limb. Press the opposite forearm, stretching the shoulder belt. Repeat the exercise to the other side by changing the position of the hands.

Exercise 7

Sit on the buttocks. Legs cross in the area of ​​the knees, the external side surfaces of the feet. Both hands bend in the elbows and feed behind the back: one hand – through the shoulder of the same name, the second – through the back. Hand fingers tapping back. If stretching shoulder belts and backs are not enough for this, use the yoga strap or the same fitness gum. Exercise is performed by the same principle that Gomukhasana (cow’s posture posture) from Hatha Yoga. Position asymmetrically, so do not forget to repeat it, changing the position of the hands.

Exercise 8

In conclusion, perform a clench, lying on my side. You can, with this, under the head and neck, the sofa pillow or yoga brick. Low straight hand Take to the side and pull out the entire length on the floor, squeeze your palm in the floor. Bend the top hand in the elbow, take to the side and also it is palm to be sick in the floor. Top legs bend in the knee and we are sick in the floor. The lower leg is straight, along the entire length stretched on the floor. Fix the position, feel the shoulders stretch, then repeat the exercise, turning over to another side.

On this stretching of the shoulder belt is finished. You can include it in a comprehensive workout, and you can use as a separate workshop workshop in the interruptions between tensely sedentary work. Stay flexible and not only in your shoulders!

In the photo – Tatyana Kisil

Stretching the shoulder belt How and for what it is done

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