Stretching in pregnant women – the enemy of female beauty

During the pregnancy period, every woman, along with positive emotions, is disappointing due to related troubles: toxicosis, waste, pigment spots on the face, stretch marks. And if some "side effects" disappear immediately after childbirth, then stretching remains, forcing women to worry about the loss of the former beauty of the body. How to prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy?

Why appear stretch marks in pregnant women

One of the main factors for the formation of stretch marks in women – pregnancy. In the period when the uterus increases in size, the fruit actively begins to grow, and the skin does not always have time for him. In addition, from the very beginning, the body of the future mother is rebuilt, moving to another physiological state, which is required for the formation of normal conditions for the nipping and birth of a healthy child. These processes lead hormones. It is the change in the level of hormones of estrogen and progesterone affects the appearance of stretch marks, or as medical workers are called – pregnancy scars. For the reason that with increasing the level of data of hormones – the formation of collagen (responsible for skin density) and elastin decreases accordingly (which is required for its light stretching). The skin loses the elastic properties and the ability to return to the previous condition without consequences for the body. And above this process people are not powerful.

The main reason for the appearance of the scars of pregnancy is bad heredity. But this does not mean that now only remains to come to terms with the stretching stretch. First of all, it is necessary to get rid of or minimize the harmful effect of related factors: a sharp increase in weight, avitaminosis, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, not the training of the abdominal muscles. Additional negative reasons are: disruption of metabolism (diabetes mellitus or obesity), large fruit and multi-way, a narrow pelvis (the head of the fetus does not fall to the entrance to a small pelvis, as a result of which the growing belly fuses ahead).

Prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy

Stretching in pregnant women - the enemy of female beauty

Timely efforts to prevent stretch marks will avoid treatment in the future:

  • Regular nutrition of the skin by specialized moisturizing creams, lotions, ointments, oils. A good therapeutic effect is observed with a massage with rosemary "potentially dangerous" places: chest, belly, hip, back, hands, caviar and popliteal. During the use of scrubies, the top layer of the skin is extended, which leads to the activation of collagen collagen production processes: species and functions and elastin.
  • Recommended eating such products like beef, chicken, fish – containing animal proteins, which contribute to the production of collagen and elastin collagen and elastin: the basis of young skin . Eliminate flour and sweet. Sugar, in addition to the ability to increase the excess weight, connects the collagen fibers, as a result of this, the skin becomes rigid and loses its elasticity. Of course, the fluid is necessary for proper elasticity of the skin, but during pregnancy, the abundant amount of fluid can cause edema.
  • Provide the body with a full-fledged vitamin and mineral complex for pregnant women.
  • Special gymnastics for pregnant women will be useful, but after consultation with the leading doctor. Positively affect water exercises (pools or pure reservoirs), allowing not only to reduce the risk of stretch marks, but also to prepare the body of a future mother to normal childbirth.
  • Contrast shower – favorably affects the skin, performing tonic and strengthened functions. But take it only after consulting a gynecologist, since after a contrasting soul a contrast shower: the temperature difference occurs the danger of a breakdown of pregnancy.
  • Baths with sea salt – accelerate blood circulation, improve metabolic processes in the body. Salt limits existence of water excess in the skin and enhances the receipt of the necessary minerals and trace elements: magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulfates.
  • Wearing a bandage, special belts for pregnant and prenatal bra with wide straps – weaken the load on the skin, thereby allow to reduce the risk, skin stretching in the field of breasts and abdomen, to a minimum.

The main thing is not to focus on stretch marks and love yourself as it is. For example, Salma Hayek remembers with a smile, as after childbirth, a loved one admitted to her that stretching on the skin gives her resemblance to Tigritis. So and imperfections can be paid in dignity.

Stretching in pregnant women - the enemy of female beauty

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