Stretch marks on the skin is not fatal

Most women want to get out in the summer to the beach and demonstrate a slim figure and a beautiful, smooth, elastic skin with a chocolate tan. But many wonderful sex representatives prevent this to make stretch marks on the skin. They do not imagine a special threat to health, but the aesthetic species will deteriorate. Is it possible to get rid of such a problem like stretching on the skin? And because of what they appear on the body?

What is stretching, the causes of their occurrence

Stretching or stria – rebirth of the skin cover, which is white or pink strips up to four centimeters and a width to one centimeter. The appearance of stretch marks cause fibers of collagen and elastin fibers, and the scarring site fills the connective tissue, which is colorless, that is, has no pigment – melanin. In connection with this, the stretch marks do not sunbathe in the sun, but only stronger manifest themselves on the body in the form of a skin defect.

Each woman sooner or later faces the problem of stretch marks, but not everyone knows the reasons for their appearance:

  • Sharp weight fluctuations, which, first of all, are reflected in weak skin sites, giving a load on them.
  • Stretch marks on the skin is not fatal
  • Paulic ripening. During the period of teenage formation of the body, there is a rapid increase in muscle mass, leading the development of skin strength.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding attracts an increase in the volume of abdomen and mammary glands.
  • Hormonal disorders of the body. The reason may be serious disorders of the endocrine system: problems with thyroid gland, pituitary gland, function of adrenal cortex.
  • Genetic predisposition. If the stretch marks were at the mother and grandmother, then even preventive measures are unlikely to fence the woman from Stry.

How to remove stretch marks

  • The main factor in the fight against stretch marks is the timeliness of the measures taken. Stretching, which appeared more than a year ago, are practically not removed.
  • Diet pattern. The condition of the skin is completely dependent on the products entering the body. Mandatory daily diet should consist of the following foods: fruits, vegetables, seafood, vegetable oil, nuts, lactic acid products – they contain the greatest amounts of substances affecting the elasticity of the skin. Full or partial dehydration (water loss) of the body leads to a decrease in the strength and elasticity of the skin, in other words, it is necessary to eat liquids as much as possible.
  • Massages with oils. A huge therapeutic effect give massages that enhance blood circulation and accelerating metabolism. Especially useful massages with oils rich in vitamin E, which participates in skin regeneration. It is olive, linen, almond, wheat germinal oil. Widespread use in the treatment of Strya Find flavored oils – lemon, orange, rosewood oil.

If these methods used at home did not give the expected result, then stretch marks are resorted to a specialized removal of stretch marks – restoring procedures in the salons:

  • Peeling or exfoliation (from English to Peel – Okrun, roll) – Removal, exfoliation of the upper damage leather layer in order to improve its appearance.
  • Mechanical peeling peeling: How to refresh the skin is based on the effect on the surface of the skin with a special apparatus, which handles the skin of the air and sand, that is, "grinds" it.
  • With a chemical peeling chemical peeling – cleaning to shine on the skin affects alpha hydroxy acid or trichloroacetic acid. Penetrating deep layers of epidermis, acid "blows" modified structures.
  • Laser peeling – the most popular way to get rid of stretch marks. A month before the procedure, the skin feeds with a special cream with vitamin C. Laser peeling, as well as chemical, spend under anesthesia.
  • Mesotherapy – intradermal administration of therapeutic drugs in small doses. Injection solutions are rich in collagen, amino acids, group vitamins with.
  • Microdermabrasion – peeling in small portions, the process spraying on the skin under the pressure of small abrasive particles (aluminum oxide crystals), which stimulate the renewal of the skin epithelium.
  • Wrap – the procedure at which the pre-blurred seafood composition (seaweed and dirt) are wrapped in polyethylene. Wrong is aimed at improving skin tone.
  • To surgical intervention – abdominoplasty, resorted during stretch marks in particularly severe cases. This type of plastic surgery allows you to remove areas of deformed skin and excess fat deposits. Although plastic surgery is an effective way to get rid of stretch marks, it, like any other type of surgical intervention, has a number of contraindications and can cause some postoperative complications.

Stretch marks no threat to life and health, and it is more correct not to expose the skin to such a radical method as an operational intervention. It is better to prefer to get rid of stretching methods and cosmetic preparations described above. The final decision is the personal matter of everyone.

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