Stretch marks on the chest – the consequences of pregnancy and feeding the child

All representatives of beautiful sex are cut about a beautiful, breast. But nature so rarely gives women what they like. Often in youth many women are not satisfied with their breast size. After they give birth, new problems begin – accusations and stretch marks on lactic glands. What are the measures of prevention and ways to get rid of this aesthetic problem?

Mechanism for the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy

The reasons for the appearance of stretch marks on the chest is sufficient, but the main is pregnancy and lactation period. It’s no secret that during pregnancy a woman is gaining additional kilograms, a colostrum is formed in lactic glands, and after childbirth – milk, and as a result, dairy ducts are expanding, breasts increases in volume.

First of all, this is reflected on the skin, which is not able to make such loads. Iron fabric takes a former form, but the skin remains stretched. Result – non-psycho.

But when the reason for the occurrence of stretch marks is not pregnancy, I need urgent consultation of the endocrinologist. In this case, the scars on the skin indicate a violation of the work of the endocrine system.

Are stretching danger to women’s health

Directly on the health of the stretching effect do not have, causing women exclusively moral disorder. But there are diseases in which stretch marks are symptoms. For example, Isenko Cushing syndrome is a health hazard.

In addition to pregnancy, stretch marks appear with such pathologies as an increase in blood pressure blood pressure – which can be considered normal? , Disturbance of metabolism, when hair appears in the chest area, face and back (girsutism). In these cases, you need to consult an experienced specialist in this profile.

Methods of prevention of stretch marks

One of the ways to prevent stretch marks on the chest are systematic exercise exercise exercise – the guarantee of health and youth skin to maintain breasts in Tonus:

  • Workout – the initial stage in front of any physical exertion – rotation head, shoulders, turns from side to side, slopes. The duration of the warm-up should take at least eight minutes until the muscles are fully prepared for work.
  • Stretch marks on the chest - the consequences of pregnancy and feeding the child

After the workout, the transition to the main complex:

  • Pressure. Elementary exercise: stand face to the wall and rely on it with both hands. Maxim as much as possible on the wall for ten seconds. Repeat ten times with small breaks.
  • Stretching. Stand straight, hands slightly bent in the elbows, pressing the brush to the thighs. Try to bring the elbows behind your back, slowly stretching muscles for fifteen seconds. Repeat the exercise up to eight times.
  • Press. Fold the palms in front of the breast and squeeze them around six seconds. Repeat ten times.
  • "Dry" breast. If it is not possible to visit the pool, you can do this effective exercise at home. The body position is straight, leaning back to the wall, strain the breast muscles, start performing movements, similar to those produced when swimming in breast. Make approximately one hundred dimensional rowing. Breast muscles are constantly in suspense.

Precautions during lactation that will help reduce the risk of stretching stretch marks: all about the problem and solutions:

  • Correctly pick up bra. During pregnancy and lactation, use models with wide straps corresponding to your size. For the night you need to wear a more free model.
  • Milk should not be stood in the chest. Use to push the breastsos. In the absence of breasts, manually decrease neatly, not stretching breast fabric.
  • Try to ensure that the amount of milk in both breasts was equal. To do this, feed the baby alternately, both breasts.
  • Empty both chest completely. Large breaks between feeding should not be.

How to Level Stretching in the chest

Among the many ways to get rid of stretch marks is the most popular – wraps. From fresh stretch marks of a small size on the chest, you can try to get rid of the setting procedures with algae wraps. Spearulina is best. First, the skin is heated in a warm bath. After that, they are applied to the area of ​​stretch marks a casciar-shaped paste from algae, wrapped the chest with a film and covered with a warm blanket. A greenhouse effect is created and active substances begin to absorb the skin. This procedure is recommended to repeat up to twelve times. As a result, the skin tone rises, and small fresh stretch marks disappear.

But sometimes the moment occurs when all the methods and methods are triggered, but to no avail. Then you can only achieve the goal only thanks to surgical intervention. Plots of stretched skin together with the scars are excised by the surgeon. But this operation is the most dangerous way of getting rid of Striy, as a number of probable complications are involved: postoperative scars, suppuration, long healing of wound surfaces. But despite this, such a radical method is considered the most effective in the fight against stretch marks.

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