Stretch marks: how to prevent the appearance and get rid of old

Stretch marks, or stria, as doctors call them, arise due to mechanical skin damage. What provokes these changes and can it be prevented?

First of all, you need to clarify what "mechanical damage to the skin". Here is the easiest example: when we dramatically pick up weight, in places of the greatest skin resistance arise. This is damage. And then our body decides to correct the situation and the "snaps" breaks with a connective tissue, which is a priori lighter skin tone. As a result, strips appear on the body. First, thanks to the capillars, they are light pink. Over time due to lack of nutrition, which comes from skin cells, the capillaries die. Connecting tissue Grubets, and stretch marks. They remain noticeable, even if you sunbathe, melanin is not produced in these areas of the skin).
However, stretch marks may appear not only due to unnecessary kilograms. With rapid weight loss, for example, blood supply to the skin is worsening, and, as a result, exchange processes are violated. Derma (subcutaneous layer) is deprived of nutrition and loses elasticity. The skin is going to the fold and breaks like a thin parchment. And then the connecting fabric again starts its work on the "Latvaya of holes".

The reasons for the appearance of stretch marks may also be heredity, immune and hormonal disorders and even surgery. For example, the removal of small neoplasms, especially in the field of breast. And, of course, one of the main reasons for the formation of Striy – pregnancy and subsequent lactation.

Preventive work

Stretch marks are difficult to correction, but their appearance can be presented with quite simple ways.

1. Nutrition.
Add to the menu as more protein (meat, fish, eggs). It is he who is responsible for recovery, updating and elasticity of the skin.

2. Water treatments.
The contrasting souls greatly strengthens the skin: a pair of minutes daily, and stretch marks are not scary.

3. Care.
Especially effective creams and lotions with extracts of Asian and Kaman Center. These substances stimulate blood circulation in the skin and activate the production of collagen. Good biosaccharides, soy raffemin, carrot proteins, vitamin E – all this strengthens the support fibers that form the frame of the skin. If you decide to lose weight, pour lemon oils, mint, wheat sprouts and sweet almonds. They will help prevent skin sagging. Means from stretch marks are applied immediately after the shower on the wet skin.

In other people’s hands

Stretch marks how to prevent the appearance and get rid of old

It is almost impossible to get rid of Striily to get rid of Strya, but make scars less noticeable real. True, home care will not help here, we need the procedures for more serious.

With "young" (not older than six months), chemical peels are perfectly coped with stretch marks. The concentration of active substances, the beautician selects individually, based on the state of your skin and the sections with which you need to work.

Wraps and natural peelings also let and not fast, but noticeable effect. Especially good procedures with spirulina. This alga is just a storehouse of useful trace elements. After wraps, the size of stretch marks is reduced and collagen production is activated. Course: 12-15 procedures for a month.
In more launched cases, cosmetologists use mesotherapy, dermabrasium and laser grinding – it is considered the most effective in the fight with stretch marks. This procedure completely destroys fresh stria and significantly reduces the old scars. The result is really great, but the recovery is quite difficult: a few months will have to handle polished areas to special ointment every day. At first it will be quite painful. Keep in mind: it is possible to make laser grinding in the winter and in the fall – in those periods when there is no active sun.

Expert comment

To combat strizy, I advise you to combine hardware and injection techniques. At first RF-lifting on the Infini apparatus: during a stretching session, mini-needles affect, forming tiny microproballs of different depths through which oxygen and radio frequency pulses come. They activate the natural restoration of the skin and stimulate the production of collagen. Then I recommend plasmotherapy that launches the process of skin regeneration, moisturizes and nourishes it. As a result, the size of Strya decreases noticeably, the skin returns elasticity, smoothness and homogeneity.

Stretch marks how to prevent the appearance and get rid of old

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