Stretch ceilings: pros and cons

It would seem that quite recently stretch ceilings were perceived by us as a kind of wonder, and now they can be seen in almost every second or third apartment. The advantages of such ceilings really made them very popular, and many people began to hardly equip stretch ceilings and at home, because this decision avoids the need to systematically bleve or paint the ceiling. However, tension ceilings are also not deprived of some minuses. Let’s see what exactly they are so good and what they can have flaws.

What are manufactured from?

For the manufacture of modern stretch ceilings, specialists are powered by two types of material – polyester tissue, as well as a film from polyvinyl chloride, the thickness of which is from 0.1 to 0.4 mm. And in its appearance, the finished canvases may be varied in various ways: both matte and satin or glossy. In general, all these canvases are environmentally friendly, very easy to install and boast the ability to take a wide variety of forms, which makes them especially attractive in the development of numerous design solutions.


One of the most important advantages of stretch ceilings – very decent savings spent on the repair work of time. If the installation of mounted ceilings from drywall can be easily stretched for several days or even weeks, stretch ceilings will not be difficult to mount only in one day, maximum for two! It is especially pleasant that they do not require any preparatory work – there will be no removal of older and lost their "commodity" view of layers of plaster, nor the surface leveling, nor painting or whitewas! And after the end of work on the installation of stretch ceilings, there is practically no construction trash! And, by the way, the mandatory removal of furniture from the premises in this case is also not required!

The next undeniable advantage of stretch ceilings is their impressive reliability and durability. The most minimal warranty period of their operation is ten years, and even after this time, they do not lose their strength, neither the original color or the texture of the canvas! In the absence of an impact of any mechanical or external factors and the canvas themselves, and the mounting mountings invariably retain their reliability and impressive strength at least for thirty years!

Stretch ceilings – fully safe design. They are environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, devoid of odors, do not rot, do not exude any toxic substances, and also boast of excellent fire resistance. In a word, such ceilings fully meet all generally accepted international standards and standards!

Modern stretch ceilings are characterized by excellent thermal insulation properties, as well as the ability to perfectly absorb sound and impressive moisture resistance. Even in the case of flooding living above the neighbors of the web can easily withstand the load up to one hundred liters of water for each square meter of the square, except for both the flood and the possible damage of the furniture and a number of other interior items. And the air flow located between the main ceiling and stretched slightly below it, creates excellent thermal insulation!

On the stretch ceilings, condensate is never formed, they are not corrosion, they do not have the properties of accumulating the dust attracting on their surface, in addition, neither spots nor iterate appear on them!

Practicality for such ceilings just above all silence! And they are equally easy to mount and dismantle. At the same time, if such a need to appear, dismantled canvases can always be pulled on the ceiling again, and at the same time their quality will not be lost! And in the case of deformation or shrinkage of buildings (which sooner or later it will be almost inevitable) the surface of stretch ceilings will not refrigerate or crack, and chips will not appear on them!

Stretch ceilings pluses and cons

It is impossible not to note the aesthetics of stretch ceilings, because such ceilings make it possible to create a perfectly smooth and beautiful surface without much effort, which is superbly masking not only all sorts of gross defects of the main ceiling, but also electrical wiring, and the great set of other wires. And the variety of design solutions allows you to choose a ceiling on any color and taste – glossy, satin or matte, with or without patterns, in several levels or in one. If you wish, you can even order the ceiling in the form of a starry sky – by the way, the scientists managed to establish that such ceilings perfectly help to remove fatigue, and also significantly improve well-being!


There are stretch ceilings and certain shortcomings, however, they are much less than advantage. The main disadvantage of such structures is considered to be a very high cost of the canvas and its installation. However, an impeccable appearance, as well as safety, durability and a number of other advantages with interest, overlap This not such an essential deficiency!

Another very important minus, which, too, in no case should not be discharged – this is instability to the effects of stabbing or acute items. As a rule, it applies mainly to PVC. The fact is that the film used for the manufacture of stretch ceilings is a very thin material, so it should be cleaned or washed with stretch ceilings, only a very soft cloth. If the ceiling was still accidentally cut, it is possible to make a copy on it. However, if it is strictly observed all the rules and recommendations for care, cuts and punctures on stretch ceilings can be very easy to avoid!

Stretch ceilings and resistant to too low or too high temperatures cannot boast, that is, it is quite safe to use them on the balcony or in the bath is unlikely to succeed even with all wishes. At negative temperatures, the canvas gradually lose their elasticity, and also become very fragile and start cracking, and with too high temperature indicators, they can easily be deformed and lose their initial properties to such an extent that it will be impossible to re-establish them.

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