Stretch ceiling in the apartment

Acquisition of its apartment is a long-awaited and joyful event. As a rule, after all joys and moving, the repair period comes. Start Professionals are advised to replace windows, after which it is worth paying attention to the ceiling. Most modern women for their apartments and houses choose a stretch ceiling. And not surprising. Rather long-life, at the same time a beautiful, not requiring frequent care, the stretch ceiling becomes a favorable option.

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Pluses of stretch ceiling. First, these are their durability. Almost all firms provide the installation of the stretch ceiling with a guarantee from 7 to 12 years. Suchagranty is explained simply: if you do not get to open champagne into the ceiling, it is unlikely to happen something to happen. However, carefully look at the terms of the contract.The guarantee is most often offered to the canvas itself, and not on fasteners and baguettes.If there is no guarantee on your installation work and baguettes, then this. A good firm offers a guarantee for assembly work up to one year, this is enough to identify the shortcomings if they are.

The second weighty predominant external attraction of the stretch ceiling. Two-level, sfotock, with various compositions of drywall and chandeliers – Stretchs are capable of transforming any room. And the variations of the correct backlight are freezed to fill any room with light and feeling of space. Speeding is worth talking separately. If you dream about point light chandeliers, then you need to understand the following. Light bulbs for lampingly acquire no more than 35 watts, even with a capacity of 50 watmogut to spoil everything. The stretch canvas has a property quickly warm, Alamps at 50 watts are able to make it melt. Unfortunately, such an exception. Carefully choose the lighting, be sure to advise the concaffese installers with extensive experience.

If you want a post-level ceiling, keep in mind that at the same time the price will grow in two-triodias than when installing a single-level ceiling. However, the appearance of the togopotor is much better. The two-level ceiling perfectly fits even the smeared rooms, and it gives space when choosing a ceiling color. Assembly, single-level ceiling choose standard white or beige color.Two-level allows you to dilute the room with bright colors or a combination of black, blue and gray, beige and red.

But everyone does not always look beautifully beautiful. Of course, many connoisseurs dreamed of to be at the ceiling image or reproduction of the favorite picture, however, the factory is very tires and bored. In addition, the price of photo printing on the ceiling is higher than any other. White ceiling is the most standard color. But the Yarkiecveta put much less.

Stretch ceiling in the apartment

One of the most favorite shuttle girls remains black, pink or red ceiling. The black ceiling looks in the bathroom, in small rooms, as well as in combination of the sabing. When choosing a black stretch ceiling, consider good backlight, the lighting should be enough for the entire room. The black ceiling looks amazing, but it is worth remembering that the black canvas of a wide type is practically not found. And, therefore, if the width of your room is more than 3 m, then the slaughter will be slaughtered on the ceiling. Of course, the seams are not always noticeable, but if you know about them, you must notice the obligatory. Also, the black stretch ceiling looks perfectly in the bedroom, besides, he has a wonderful feature. In the dark, the ceiling is reflected in the shadows and figures, which can serve as an additional surprise for lovers.

Red ceiling turns well, especially in combination with beige or gray. Not to be the main focus on red, you yourself will cease to notice, somehow and sharply it will look. It is enough that the red will be fulfilling with a calmer shade. Pink ceiling nearby from the red stretch it looks calmer, although fasterly annoying. If you can allow changing the bowl of the ceiling or make repairs every year five, then feel free to choose brightness.

Separately, it is worth talking security. If you will catch up with neighbors or leaks the roof, you should not worry.In the overwhelming majority of cases, the leakage is easy to fix, it is enough to call a repairman. Drain water from the ceiling, dried, and in your dominical problems.

What is important to know so this appropriate cost. Do not think that consumption of funds are only tailored ceiling meters. In the final cost of the stretch ceiling, the setting of the chandelier installation, the installation of each point lamp. In addition, here is the installation of curtains, as well as additional costs for the pipe. But considering that the stretch ceiling you put not loan years, then these costs can be considered insignificant.

Note that the slant ceiling will visually increase the area of ​​your apartment. But you may be too bright, especially if you install the ceiling in the bedroom. However, the matte ceiling is considered too simple, in real life it will just look like a perfectly aligned. It is best to make a stretch ceiling combination of drywall or matte and glossy material. Here it is a premises for fantasy, a two-level ceiling is absolutely a love.

Like any perfect artist, stretch ceiling is a fragile design and non-Ternibrate relationship. Limit yourself to cleaning and washing the ceiling times in shortcut. For this, a solution of soap water is used. It is not necessary to use it, because its abrasive structure in undisputed form can be able to consist the ceiling.

With proper care of oscillate, your stretch ceiling will last long, and will also be with your beautiful view.

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