Stress leads to cellulite

Stress is the reason almost 90% of all diseases. He relaxes immunity,
disrupts the work of all organism systems, just burns the body from the inside.
In stress, many necessary vitamins are destroyed, there is a violation
Exchange processes, which often leads to a set of excess weight.
All this has a destructive impact as a man’s psyche,
And on his physical condition.
Anxiety, depression, neurosis, emotional instability occur,
mood decay, or, on the contrary, overexcitation, aggressiveness, anger,
Memory disorders, insomnia, chronic fatigue, increased
fatigue and other.

The reasons for the occurrence of stress are diverse and numerous.
Especially stressful experiences are subject to residents of large cities.
Stress cause all serious events of life: study, work, not always
smooth relationship with your loved one, the absence of this beloved
man or gap with him. Many have chronic discontent
what they see in the mirror. Girls compare themselves with models
or just with other girls and often upset, counting
It is not enough attractive. And it also leads to stress.
Permanent, chronic.

And especially, as it often happens, gets to women. Why.
The main reason for stresses in men – work, where something needs to someone
prove. Well, maybe also losing favorite team. Remember
Song about male stress:
"What pain, what pain, – Argentina – Jamaica, 5: 0". 🙂

And in women and at work problems often no less, t.To. necessary
Prove not just that you are a specialist, but also exactly the same employee
and man, not just a friend of man.
And on a woman care for home well-being, about children, about the same
a man, about his problems, well, about her beauty … if the strength is enough for her.
And if the favorite drinks, does not pay due attention
or changes … then here already to a long depression hand.
By the way, depression in women happens twice as much as men.

But what would be the cause of stress, the reaction of the organism on it
Almost the same:
The adrenal glands begin to actively produce adrenaline and other stress hormones.
This leads to reinforced heartbeat, pressure rises, is more
Breathing, changes the water and salt balance, the content rises
blood sugar and t.D.

Stress, like disorders of the digestive organs, manifests itself on the skin.
In the skin, the hormones of stress inhibit the growth and division of fibroblasts, which leads
to thinning the skin, its easy damage, stretching, bad
Healing Ran. In bone tissue – to the suppression of calcium absorption.

On the female body, stress acts extremely detrimental:
Frequent or permanent headaches, panic reactions, infertility,
Violation of the sexual sphere, rapid aging of the skin and deterioration
Its states, gastritis, pain in the stomach, a set of extra kilograms,
Cellulite. All this from stress.

Often, when stress, a person begins a lot to eat (eradicate stress)
and accumulate fat, mainly on external and internal parts
Hungs and buttocks. What is the right healthy nutrition here when
In the eyes of the tears and I want to do at least something to please yourself.
The protracted stress can lead both anorexia and the boolemin.

And, of course, a buoy starts flourishing cellulite.
After all, the normal operation of the whole organism is broken in stress.
Violated normal operation of a lymphatic system, a small circle
blood circulation and venous blood flow, completely broken
And the metabolism is unfailed. But it is the exchange processes,
Normal blood circulation and normal functioning of lymphatic
Systems are needed to maintain fatty tissues in a healthy state.

And any violation of lymphotok and blood circulation will certainly
lead to cellulite.

Stress leads to cellulite

So what to do. With stress you need to fight.

1. Detach the time with all sorts of water treatment: relaxing baths
with foam and aromatic oils, swimming pool, contrasting shower, wipes
wet cold towel, and you can just stand 5-10 minutes
under warm, pleasant, enveloping shower jets. Single light
hydromassage. Water perfectly carries stress.

2. Try to get out. It is very important!

3. It is very desirable to spend time exercise. Not necessary
even go to the gym. Just go home. Squats, push-ups,
Dancing – anything, any physical activity.

4. Relaxing massage. We are all experiencing a terrible shortage of touches.
And they are so necessary for the body!! How to easier to console a person?
As always soothe children. Hug and stroke on the back.
Intuitively we understand that touch has great power.
Children are often asked to simply stroke them. It is very soothing.
And gives a sense of reliability and safety. Feeling protection
and rest. You can go for a professional relaxing,
Relaxation massage, and can do massage and home. Relaxing
Massage can make a husband, friend, girlfriend. It is only important that they,
stroking and lightly rubbing your body, were calm and balanced,
T.To. Through the hands of the one who makes a massage, its condition is very transmitted.

take care of yourself. Health – it is really more expensive.
If you are healthy and calm, you will definitely and beautiful!!

Stress leads to cellulite

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