Strengthening nails, means for strengthening nails

It is known that women’s hands are her peculiar business card. After all, it is by hand that you can determine what a woman does, what she is used to and how belongs to itself.

The appearance of hands and nails can also tell a lot about the age and health of women. After all, healthy nails are always whole, strong and durable, have a homogeneous structure and a pleasant pink shade. If the nails are problematic – it can talk about serious impairment of health in general.

Unfortunately, today very few beautiful women can be proud of the beauty and elegance of their hands and nails. Why are our nails increasingly become brittle and fragile, losing their elasticity and color – even young age?

There is a lot of reasons: an aggressive external environment, unfavorable ecology, reception of chemically synthesized drugs and vitamins, stress, overwork, household chemicals, and of course, improper nutrition.

However, modern means to strengthen nails help them become stronger, healthier and more beautiful. Modern nail care involves the use of many ways and tools that have a beneficial effect on nails both from the inside and outside. Nail care must be constant and necessarily complex.

Nail strengthening varnish

The easiest way to buy instead of the usual decorative nail polish lacquer. As part of therapeutic varnishes, many strengthening, feeding and protective components – for example, calcium, iron, proteins, as well as silk threads and fruit acids. Varnish to strengthen the nails, as a rule, colorless, and it is good to use it as a basis for colored decorative varnishes – ordinary manicure. Varnish to strengthen the nails you can buy in the nearest pharmacy.

Strengthening nail gel

Thin and brittle nails can be strengthened with a special gel. Modern technology strengthening nails allow this to do – the structure of the nail is compacted at the same time, and the shape can be given any.

After a special bath for hand, the master cleans the skin with a rejuvenating scrub, makes a manicure on a soft European technique, and then puts the firming gel on his nails. Then the nails give the desired shape and dried them with the help of ultraviolet lamp. In the nail plates, the nutrient oil is rubbed.

Keratin nail treatment complex

Brush and constantly laying nails will be stronger and more beautiful, if periodically apply the processing of the nail plate and the Cuticulus keratin complex. This is a healing and nutrient, which in special massage movements rubbed into the root of the nail. With the help of a keratin complex, you can restore the beauty and strength of nails in just a few sessions – within a few days.

Parafinotherapy for nails

Parafinotherapy not only helps to strengthen the nails, but also improves blood circulation in the skin of the hands, making it soft and smooth. This procedure can be done both in the cosmetic salon and at home.

Substances contained in cosmetic paraffin activate metabolic processes and allow nutrient components to penetrate deep layers of skin and nails. Enough long and visible effect of paraffin therapy can be obtained if you do at least ten procedures.

Facility for nails

It also includes the use of a special plastering, the action of which is due to the content of natural active components in its composition. The active and most useful substances contained in the plaster supply nail, restore the structure of the cuticle and the nail plate, and also have a moisturizing effect.

After applying such a patch, the nails are strengthened and become thicker, smooth and shiny, cease to break and smear. The plaster acts in such a way that the active ingredients contained in it penetrate into the nail plate and the cuticle in less than 30 minutes, and the result of application is visible after the first time.

Food and nails

Strengthening nails, means for strengthening nails

Cosmetic procedures and nail care – it is very important. However, our nails, as well as leather and hair, receive food from the inside, from the cells of our body. Therefore, the main factor for the strengthening and beauty of the nails is precisely correct and full nutrition, rich in all necessary substances – vitamins, minerals, micro- and macroelements. Otherwise, the most modern and expensive nail care outside is unlikely to bring the desired effect.

It should not be hoped for pharmacy drugs – synthetic tablets and vitamins. It is best to use nutrients in their natural, "live". Only in this form, and even in the necessary natural combinations, they will be fully absorbed by our organism, and benefit.

First of all, you should pay attention to those products in which there are many vitamin A, the necessary nails for strengthening and growth. This carrot, olive oil, fresh liver, tomatoes, greens.

Group vitamins are also necessary for nail growth – there are very many in the cabbage, sprouted wheat, egg yolk, beer yeast, beans and so.

Iodine and silicon nail and silicon. Silicon is found in most fresh vegetables and greens, and iodine – in sea cabbage, seafood and spinach.

The hardness and strength of the nails is ensured by sufficient content in the body of calcium. People suffering from chronic lack of calcium often have brittle, unhealthy and laying nails. Many calcium in fresh dairy products, fresh cheese, broccoli cabbage, almond, kurage and figs, oysters and fresh olives.

However, calcium for assimilation in the body requires vitamin D, otherwise the result will be weak. From the products available to us, vitamin D is contained in sour cream, cream, fresh cheese and chicken eggs, pumpkin seeds and fish oil.

Structure and shape of the nail, as well as preventing inflammatory processes depends on sufficient use of such elements like iron and sulfur. Iron is contained in red meat, apples and fresh juices, and sulfur – in bow, cabbage and cucumbers.

Baths and compresses for nail strengthening

Baths and compresses also help strengthen and healthy nail art. They can be done at home. Twice a week (better for the night) Make a compress from olive oil with several drops of lemon juice, as well as hand baths with a sea salt that does not contain aromatic additives.

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