Strengthen the body, prepare vitamin dishes

By the spring, the body’s strength is depleted. In winter, there is almost no sun, we get little light. In addition, the body struggles with cold. It takes a lot of strength, as a result, immunity decreases. Therefore, in the spring you need to lean on vitamin food: fruits, vegetables, juices, salads, etc. They contain a lot of useful substances.

Especially useful greens. Many doctors consider her product number 1. It satures the body with vitamins, microelements and perfectly cleans the liver and urinary system.

Green Luke, Curd and Garlic Salad

You will need:

• 50 g of green onions;
• 2 eggs;
• 150 g of soft homogeneous curd;
• 1-2 garlic slices;
• 3 dill branches;
• salt pepper.

Swarge the eggs screwed, cool, clean. Then cut the cubes. Green onions Slim and shake water. Touch it with thin rings. Misses the garlic through the press. Dill very finely.

Couple in a slut sliced ​​eggs, green onions and chopped garlic.
Mind the fork soft homogeneous cottage cheese so that it acquires a consistency of thick sour cream. Add salt and pepper to it. Fuel this mixture of salad, mix. Sprinkle salad with chopped dill. Immediately apply on the table.
Note: If you like a sharper, sharp taste of greenery, instead of dill you can get a cilantro.

Kochy Salad with green onions

You will need:

• 350 g of strong knocked salad;
• 1 glass of chopped green onions;
• 1-2 garlic slices;
• 3 Article. spoons of vegetable oil;
• 2 Article. spoons of apple or wine vinegar;
• 1.5 C. spoons of sugar sand;
• 0.5 C. spoons mustard;
• Salt and pepper to taste.

First make French sauce for vegetable salads. To do this, connect vegetable oil in the bowl (better olive), vinegar, mustard, sugar sand and chopped garlic. Carefully stir up to homogeneity.

Now rinse the jacket salad and cut it large (you can break your hands, some believe that so tastier).

Couple it with green onions, add salt, pepper and stir.
Fill salad prepared sauce, mix, close the lid and send to the fridge for half an hour so that it is blown.

Greek spring salad

You will need:

• 300 g of Kochan Salad;
• 300 g of bone olives;
• 2 row of green onions;
• 2 cucumber;
• 150 g of cheese;
• 3 Article. spoons of vegetable oil (best olive);
• 1 Article. spoon of lemon juice;
• salt, pepper to taste;
• 2 parsley twigs.

Wash the cucumbers and cut down the cubes (it does not need to cut). Green onions Slim and lie on rings. Olives away from liquid. Brynza Cut 1.5 x 1,5 cm. Sightead the jam salad and cut down or brush with your hands.

Put all components in a large salad bowl. Fill with olive oil and lemon juice. Person Salt and Pepper. Mix gently.
Sprinkle salad with chopped parsley on top.

Toasts with cottage cheese, tomatoes and garlic

You will need:

• 4 pieces of gray bread with bran;
• 130 g of soft homogeneous curd;
• 2 tomatoes;
• 1 garlic slicker;
• salt pepper;
• 3 branches of dill.

Connect cottage cheese with chopped garlic (passed through press or small-roll). Add salt and pepper there and mix to uniformity. The taste of mass should be piquant. Now grab bread in toaster. Finely torn dill.

Spread the toasts to the cottage cheese. Put tomato mugs on top and sprinkle all chopped dill.

Salad of oranges, mandarins Honey and spices

Strengthen the body, prepare vitamin dishes

• 1 orange;
• 2 mandarin;
• a piece of ginger with a phalanx of the finger;
• 2 Article. honey spoons;
• 1 C. Wine spoon;
• Ground red pepper to taste.

Clean orange and tangerines from peel and white films, remove bones. Then cut 1.5 x 1,5 cm cubes. Clean the ginger and soda on a shallow grater.

Connect citrus with ginger. Add honey, wine and spices (red pepper, nutmeg, etc.). Stir. The combination of sweet and sharp tastes gives a spicy bouquet.

Note: honey can be replaced with rose hip syrup.

Green Fruit Cocktail, Vegetables and Greens

In recent years, they write a lot about the benefits of green cocktails. They consist of different products: fruits, vegetables, greenery. The main thing they should be green. For example, it can be:
• apples;
• Kiwi;
• cucumbers;
• cabbage;
• green salad;
• arugula;
• spinach;
• sorrel;
• celery;
• parsley;
• dill and t. D.

Try to make a green cocktail. This will require a juicer or a jug bender. At the heart of a green cocktail should be a fleshy soft vegetable or fruit, he will give a cocktail with a cascidious consistency and make it pleasant to taste. Vegetables, fruits and greens need to be very thoroughly skipping through the juicer or blender to get Cashier.

You will need:

• 2 green apples (Antonovka, Simirenko, Grennie Smith and T. NS.);
• 1 kiwi;
• 1 cucumber;
• 20 g parsley.

Wash apples, kiwi, cucumber and parsley. Clean them from the skin (except parsley, of course). Cut everything, then separately squeeze juice.

Mix the obtained juices. If the cocktail turned out to be thick, add some boiled water and stir.

Tastes of green cocktails Fresh. If you wish, you can add a slightly salt (on the tip of the knife) or lemon juice.

Strengthen the body, prepare vitamin dishes

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