Street Fashion Paris: Comfort Sharma Rules

French chic, sophistication, elegance – all this fumbled with Paris. The fame of the capital of world fashion, indeed, obliges a lot. But podium images from the daily fashion weeks – only one side of the medal. Other – Street style, which is different from stereotypical ideas about the appearance of the Frenchwoman.

Casual outfit Parisianok – Curious Spectacle. On the one hand, the street fashion crashes stable clichr like a small black dress and a miniature handbag, like indispensable attributes. On the other hand, it only confirms that, despite the multipoint and diversity, the very charm and tradition remains under the sky of Paris. Let sometimes they are almost elusive at first sight.

Seasonal needs and congenital elegance

Moderately cold winter, dry pleasant autumn, hot summer dictate their stylish laws. In the wardrobe, Parisians will find both T-shirts and a warm coat, which, however, can be put on even one set. The same can be said about scarves. If in Russia, for example, they are mainly reserved on the cold, here it is an accessory outside seasonal requirements. A rare resident of the French capital will refuse himself the pleasure of casually winding on the neck volumetric knitted scarf or handkerchief. They are selected for any outfit, from hot-summer to warm-winter.

Another common feature that characterizes the street fashion – restraint in the color scheme. Predatory prints, bright, sweeping shades, do not appear too often.

Complex simplicity

In the Paris street fashion, one main point can be distinguished, which, perhaps, is the starting point for the close view of it in general. The muffling of the tones and non-liberty design is compensated by multi-layered and accent on accessories.

The complexity of cut and asymmetry quite rarely slipped into the streets. At the same time, the top on which the vest, covered with a coat or jacket jacket: Evolution continues, with a super-cold bright scarf – quite ordinary image for Paris.

Adherents of traditions do not refuse the fitted jackets with what wearing jackets: types of shapes, coat, racing. They can be very strict on Cry, and nothing prevents "calm down" with the tops with the image of persons.

Very love Parisians image subordinate to black color, what is called Total Black. Of course, a similar choice often dictates the need for bright details.

Required add-ons

Accessories – Investment in which women are invested in different ages. Bag and shoes – sometimes the only thing that clings the look in the image of Parisian. The rate is done both for convenience and quality.

Street Fashion Paris Comfortable Charm Rules

It is said that the cherished letter of LV has long become the coat of arms of the city, and it is not an exaggeration. Bag Louis Vuitton is banging with a huge number of women in hand, and even no matter what they are dressed. You can also often see the legendary quilted handbag of different sizes, which combined with more stringent, exquisite toilets. Otherwise and can not be when it comes to chanel.

Sometimes the brand goes into the background, yielding the place of functionality. In Paris, they love volumetric, large roomy bags of various models.

Shoes in the city in a special position, which is quite explained on the homeland of the Woven brand Christian Louboutin. Sports style, to put it mildly, not in honor of which it is impossible to say about high heels. From classic forms to designer delights are such a framework in which there is on the streets of the French capital shoes on heels, which can be very high. But among Parisians there are also a huge amount of fashionable more "landed", preferring flat ballet flats or low-heeled sandals.

In addition to the unchanged scarf in Paris, they do not ignore and throwing jewelry, which is highlighted in both color and volume.

Leaving the indisputable advantage for accessories, which often overlook Chanel, ChloĆ©, Louis Vuitton, Dior, here it is not too like a lot to spend money on the basic wardrobe Basic wardrobe: the art of flawless minimalism . Favorite youth brands – H&M, Etam, Zara, Diesel, Morgan, Jennifer, Gap, Promod.

Coco Chanel said that "if you don’t remember how a woman was dressed, then she was wearing ideal". Of course, she talked about sophistication, which never declares himself loudly. And even if modern Parisians are not dressed in a minimalist outfit, they, however, follow this law. Their individuality is not lost, and fashion does not subordinate to the image that is already subordinate to the style.

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