Street fashion London: the cult of personality with a British accent

Street Fashion – a special layer that transmits the mood of the city. Then the mood that reigns on London streets, can confuse those who are habit about the literary appearance of the British capital. The images that a foreigner faces is too far from the notorious dandy, and there are not so many. Here lives individualism, brought to the extreme, which is mistaken for shocking.

London and Street Style are two images that do not even be separated from each other. And not at all because it is a special culture and destruction of stereotypes related to England from book pages. Street fashion initially originally from London, where it has formed quite spontaneously. It happened in the seventies, when the beaten image was erased. The appearance then became a reflection of the inner essence of a person, his individuality, which was hiding for a long time for demonstrative rejuvenated flawlessness.

Historical moment

It will not be a mistake to link the history of London’s street fashion with the formation of a style of Casual, which came out from football tribune. Pure sports appearance of British fans in the seventies began to dilute such details like jeans, scarves, comfortable sweaters, stylish shirts. They rather quickly settled in the everyday youth wardrobe due to the combination of an attractive appearance and comfort in socks: in the footsteps of Greek beauties .

Then, in the seventies, Vivien Westwood made the loud revolution. The young rebar opened a store with informal clothing in London, through his fashion explaining what punk style is. And started many years of madness, because youth was too hard to wear clothes, not worrying about the right combination of color and cut. Punk marked fashion out of fashion, allowing to wear not just what I like, but it is enough to explicitly declare about your marginalness, unwillingness to be like everything. On modern streets, the Echo of the punk is quite clearly heard, which, most likely calm down.

The past of the British crown, closely associated with Asian and African colonies, is still manifested on the streets in the form of ethnic motives. Weightful Indian sari, heavy handkerchiefs with patterns, catchy metal and wooden decorations very loved by Londoners.

Gorgeous carelessness

Street Fashion London aims, above all, for convenience. Here, rarely you can see the carpid, strict cut, hard lines. In honor of eclecticism – a combination of different directions, often traditionally incompatible. This is a style with a special overtone, individuality charm.

Kate Moss – Trendsetter Careless English Chic. She shows how to wear designer things with details found on London flea markets. Kate taught fashionista wearing a strict jacket with what wearing jackets: types of shapes with mini-shorts, wear high boots on bare legs, and miniature jackets and vests to combine with wide long shirts and tops with prints.

Another mannequin, Agnes Dane, today most brightly personifies the street style of London. Narrow trousers, T-shirts with prints, sneakers, hats, suspenders, leather jacket-root – what is constantly wearing Agnes, and that permanently turns out the streets of the British capital.

Street Fashion London Personal Cult with British Accent

Things peculiar to rock topics – real weakness of youth. Leather, rivets, metal accessories and trouser cult, live here for many years, not wanting to give way to romantic reality.

In London, the skirts and dresses are not too complaining. If they appear, then in most cases – in the mini-version. However, the romantic fler is also presented: the small floral pattern "Liberty" often illuminates the main city of Misty Albion.

Fuzziness, blur, lack of hard neat silhouette – Resistant characteristics of modern dandy and lady. Line of the edge Often torn, wavy, clothes are peculiar to a very pronounced refuge. Asymmetrical cut, as well as drop-down sleeves, lacking on the waist or in the chest area are very popular. But even by some image may not be limited. From above, it is complemented by a vest, jacket jacket: Evolution continues, scarf.

Affordable moda

About the Dovned Commandment of London Modnitz – a lot of things in the wardrobe, which can most fully reflect the person with the help of different combinations. For this reason, one item should not cost a whole state. Similar thirst justifies the relevance of flea markets, flea markets of the city. It also lies the popularity of the brand, which has become the personification of the available city fashion of our days – TopShop.

Marks&SPENCER – the largest British brand offering more restrained clothes at very attractive prices. H&M is one of the favorite European youth brands, which found a huge number of fans in London. Adepts Bright Street Fashion are also not indifferent to designer clothes from their homeland – Vivien Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Paul Smith, Stella McCartney.

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