Street Fashion Autumn-Winter 2016

Cute fashionista, cold weather has become a full-fledged mistress of nature.

As if we do not want, but we have to warm.

Many of you get to the place of study or work on our own car, and many travel by public transport.

Clothes, as you understand, plays a big role and depends on the destination. If you get on your machine to the appointed point – this is one, and if you have to stand and wait for transport in bad weather – this is another matter.

And, as there are neither cool, clothes should be for the season.

In mandatory, you must have a comfortable, comfortable shoes that will keep your feet warm and the corresponding outerwear.

Let’s make your attention on street fashion and see what outfits can be found today girls in Europe.

Clothing and makeup in the literal sense converting a woman, make it younger, more attractive and sexier.

In the autumn-winter season, girls should sharpen their attention to boots-boots. They just begin to gain momentum. Depending on the style, style and color boots get their destination.

If you are not a millionaire, it is better to give preference to classic bottle. These high boots are very relevant in the cold season. They not only possess stylish and modernity, but also protect their feet from wind, cold and rain.

As always, in the co-coat trend. This is a non-smiling classic. If in your wardrobe, no one season weighs the old coat, you can safely alter it and make a semi-football or a jacket, replacing buttons.

Bridge or jacket in a bright shallow cage – excellent option for autumn wardrobe.

Do not forget about a warm scarf. Long warm scarf is not only a casual accessory. He is still able to give a waste image.

Shoes from suede looks stylish, beautiful and sophisticated. But it requires careful care.

Bridal can be part of your image. Choosing it, concentrate on the sleeves. Fashion trend – sleeve to elbow.

The most relevant fabrics such as cashmere, wool, velveteen, drape, bug, tweed.

Still in fashion trend jeans torn on his knees. Fashionistims are not terrible and the fact that they are pretty cold frosty in the morning and in the evening.

Putting on the bottom of such jeans contrasting Leggens, you will be in trend.

Fashionista is not at all the modern girl who has expensive things in the closet. Fashionista is the girl who can correctly combine his wardrobe.

Look at how sexually look black boots, mini skirt and artificial fur jacket. Hat with fields give a young lady element of romanticism.

In the autumn-winter season in Trend, not only the classic coat of color Camel, but also big patch pockets.

For the first time in such a coat appeared Jackie Kennedy. After which it has become popular among fashionistas worldwide. Color and style of such a coat are basic in the women’s wardrobe, as it can be combined with an unlimited number of accessories and things.

If you are at the crossroads and have not yet decided on the choice of coat, then buy a Camel classic coat, and you do not lose. It will decorate your wardrobe for many years and not get bored. Accessories such as an umbrella, bag, scarf, scarf, shawl will give their coat.

Coat-mini can be worn not only with a short skirt or dress, but also with jeans and trousers. Sexually look ankle shoe coats.

Street Fashion Autumn-Winter 2016

A classic coat in black and white color gamut is always relevant.

First of all, contrast rushes. Print African Savannah is present in the autumn wardrobe of many famous designers.

This does not mean that in your wardrobe there should be a designer coat. Today, the industry can satisfy your needs.

Heel shoes are stylish. But not always in such a shoe convenient in the cold season. Not every girl will feel confident on heels in ice.

Your wardrobe can be based on contrast. The game of the color scheme allows fashionable to look stunning.

Many girls preference give black coat. It is always relevant and looks stylish.

A knitted contrast scarf will make a sweet berry in the top wardrobe.

If the street is raining or slush, then remember the rubber boots.

Knitted cap with Pompon is the most popular headgear of the autumn-winter season 2016-2017. Brown, gray, white, black hats are the hottest flowers of the autumn.

Each girl is looking for something special. Someone has in their wardrobe of the hats of neon colors, someone blue, green or red.

If you want to look gorgeous and stylish, you must choose a hat that corresponds to the color of your outerwear. Hat adds women’s image stylish.

It is worth noting that black and gray color is very popular this season. These colors are thin and elegant and fit for cold weather. Among other things, they are harmonized almost with the whole color range.

Enjoy and enjoy … Look for and find the option of clothing that will help you to combine your wardrobe.

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