Stones from dreams (h.3)

Stones continuously interact with the environment, producing different types of radiation and oscillations, continuously sending information into the surrounding space, including people. They can affect their owners both beneficial and destroying, depending on how much they harmonize with human biorhythms. Drawing precious stones can indicate internal wealth, and symbolize fake values, and they can hint that among the duties of a person there are those more important than others.

Lapis lazuli – Heavenly Blue Stone, heavily revered in the East, – a symbol of sincerity and foresight, which contributes to the formation of new interests, firming friendship and mutual attachment and used in the manufacture of hairpins, necklaces, brooches, and other jewelry. This stone slightly pushes a person to look for hidden parties and meaning in different things, the stone of people seeking to upgrade their lives, giving impetus for the development of wisdom, symbol of well-being, success and good luck.

Moonstone Thanks to the optical effect of translucent shimmering radiance, aligns emotional bursts. This guardian guard is useful for women during menstruation, gives them a physical, emotional and hormonal equilibrium and bright prophetic dreams. Men it allows you to better tune in to the female sensitive aspect of his nature, acting soothing, relaxing, contributing to the purification of the body, especially when the moon is in the zodiac in water signs. If this stone dreamed, then in your life there is some mystery, mysticism, in which your dreams can help.

Nephritis – This greenish streaks semi-precious stone is a stone with severe energy capable of bringing out of life deadlock. It is called a barometer of behavior, as it darkens on the human body, persistent in his delusions. He will also fuss on the body of the one who had a kidney disease, and the stone pulled her. Nephritis energy is sufficiently heavy, especially for people born under the signs of land. For other signs, nephritis helps to delve into their thoughts, exploring them. He is a rather hard teacher, maybe a stone is a lonely sufferer, so nephritis is not suitable for love.

Nephritis protects against lightning, fires and earthquakes, diseases and poisoning. In the European Consciousness, this stone acts as a symbol of space energy, power, perfection and integrity, moral purity, dedication, sincerity and benevolence, loyalty, courage and purity of traditions.

Ruby – The stone of bloody-red color, the accompanying authorities, the power and victory over the enemy, was appreciated even higher than the diamond. It was believed that his main mystical property was to generate an attraction to the power and, pale from the effects of light, to warn about the danger, protecting the lower worlds and spell of evil forces. Often this stone is used as a symbol of flavored love and passion.

According to beliefs, it is able to stop the bleeding, improve memory and unail confidence and vigor even in calm, shy people. Helps to increase pressure hypotonikists. And tough people make even more fierce, so they are not recommended ruby. Moral and noble people, he leads to luck and success, hanging them with a huge life force and endurance. Ordinary people give happiness and love. Dinking Ruby is interpreted as an increase in opportunities and tide of strength in all of the above spheres.

Sapphire – Usually it is a blue stone, less common sapphires of green, yellow, orange-yellow and even colorless. In antiquity, people believed that Sapphire promotes loyalty, modesty, chastity, truth, sincerity, composure and justice.

Stones from dreams (h. 3)

Sapphire – a stone of wise people, firming memory, increasing prudence, prudence, encourages thirst for the knowledge of the secret and unknown. The range of his therapeutic opportunities is quite wide. This is a stone of teachers who can teach and behave behind others. But for those who want to use it for personal gain, Sapphire does not give absolutely nothing. Lazy and irresponsible he is able to deprive everything they have. Sapphire in a dream often means the need for knowledge or mentor, who would help establish a connection with the subconscious. Sometimes this stone can symbolize the suffering associated with homosexual orientation.

Topaz Exacerbates the reaction to what is happening around the person, develops the ability of foresight and intuition, helps to expose the miscarions of ill-wishers and intrigues. In antiquity it was believed that the diplomat would be able to quickly fulfill the entrusted business, to solve real ideas, if a Topaz takes with him as a talisman. In addition, for the ability to influence others, the topaz was called a heavy stone, as he subordinated his will and inspired his thoughts. Sailors took with her a ring with a topaz in the sea, believing that he was able to parsion storms.

Topaz also therapeutic stone that gives inner enlightenment. Applied from madness, insomnia, epilepsy, asthma, gout and evil eye. Topaz strengthens immunity. Apply for diseases of the spine and inflammation of the tonsils. But, granting the foreboding, he is able to influence the family life badly, so it is contraindicated with large families. Having dreamed of topaz Calls to listen to intuition, internal soul wisdom.

Very handsome amber Orange and cream color – amulet against black magic forces. The palette of this stone contains all the colors of the rainbow. Amber – a universal body cleaner from poisons and slags, although not possessing strong energy. The ancient wise men believed that there were no such diseases from which he would not help. Amber symbolizes optimism, love and friendship, health and longevity. And if you dreamed of amber, then it’s fortunately, so it’s better not to lose it in a dream and maintain a whole, however, like any other gemstone.

Precious and semi-precious stones are often present in jewelry. This topic will be disclosed in the following article.

Stones from dreams (h. 3)

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