Status slavery

When a person is born, he has one-only status – alive. Blowing, sees, hears, feels … much later he learns that he was born in the family of a banker or a simple teacher. And then he since the lessons of status existence. That is, enters the status slavery.

Status spending, status universities, status cars, houses, outfits … what they need? That everyone immediately became clear who is who, who and what is. The person has already got used to the fact that everything in the world has its own status, and inequality is a natural phenomenon.

And he tries all his life either to meet his status or dig out from it to achieve what many would like many. High status is measured by material achievements: career, salary, elite housing, clothing, means of movement – benefits and pleasures. This is your world in which not all is allowed. Because not everyone is given, not all worthy, not everyone can afford.

Allow, and that they can afford? Spend, have, live in your pleasure, do not work, pass through others, pass through yourself … anyway, they still have to pay for the fact that they can afford something. We all have to pay. Even for the fact that we are all your life we ​​are looking for our circle that would correspond to the desired status. Why do we need this status so much? So as not to prick and not bother, it is convenient to coexist and safely move in your rut. We are safer to move in a rut. But we do not notice how she enslaves us and makes you forget about the only real status, which was given to us from birth.

Status slavery fools our head. It makes it look for prestigious universities, set up branded companies, select status friends and partners. It introduces in despondency, if we do not work out all this and indicates the networks of compulsory communication, rituals, convention, laws that are mostly harmful to our real life status. In it we just need to be able to breathe, see, hear and feel.

If you want to get out of the status track, get ready for the fact that the world is diverse. And unpredictable, and in it, except for status, there is still a scale of values ​​that cannot be measured with a purse thickness, car brand and all sorts by status assets.

Outside status

In the world, there are things that equalize everyone. Rich and poor, smart and stupid, beautiful and ugly. And this is not only death that comes to the owner of Bentley and the owner of the bicycle. It is also such as unshakable statuses like the sky, air, water, earth, although there is someone in someone trying to install their scale, make a price list, as if someone from earthlings have a greater right to use these common benefits. Strange, but sometimes the Lord himself establishes these quotas, setting in the desert, and others – in oasis. But people live everywhere. They get used to the most monstrous conditions that sometimes put them on the face of survival.

And it proves One simple truthMan is not created for status, but for happiness. For life, for love, to feel like a part of the universe, which is infinite and impossible to put it into any status borders.

Unfortunately, those who live well will never fully understand those who live badly. Fast hungry does not understand. But there are things that combine them and make you think and feel the same.

These are music, painting, literature, cinema – art that does not affect the area of ​​material consumption, and on the soul area. People of any statuses and provisions equally freeze before the eternal works of art, because they are a reflection of harmony and beauty.

• Beauty has no status.
• Does not have love status.
• Available friendship, compassion, kindness.

When a person pulls himself out of a continuous consumption race, where degrees condersonism destroys his soul, he understands the greatness of the Universe.

He came to this world not in order to become a cog of status existence, but to live!

And then the man begins to live otherwise. It ceases to be a slave of things and a given order of life, which is convenient to the owners of the excesses governing this world. They themselves have long become the slaves of their superfits, and they are trying to drag all humanity in their eternal status slavery by all. This is a win-win game for those who come up with statuses.

Status slavery

But they are mistaken. They think they are free and can afford everything, for example, at any time get out of the game. Not so simple … Although, maybe, of course, only forward legs. Because essentially the strong world of this – the same puppets, like those who try to tame.

Ask yourself if you are not a status slave?

True free person can distinguish consumption from consumerism and consumption.

• Consumption is necessary to survive the use of things of the material world. This is what is needed and enough.
For example, boots broke. We buy new, not to walk barefoot.

• Consumption includes other motives in the human brain, it buys not just boots, it buys brand, color, image, status, position in society, confidence, self-conceit and many other bonuses associated with purchasing. He makes a purchase, not because he needs this thing, but because he needs the status of this thing. Here it works a whole system of forming an interest. Advertising, marketing, Promotion – All this fiction of the post-industrial world, who is looking for all new and new consumers of statuses. There are status slaves.

And the status becomes not only clothing or vehicles. Consignment can communicate relations, love. Slave status no longer belongs to oneself. He forgot what he wants himself. It performs what he demands surroundings, society, peace.

He loses his "me", that is, his soul, which is not needed by the status surrogates, but real food. Start, finally eat healthy living food! Did you really have a fierce dead?

Status slavery

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