Started shooting prequel "Games of Thrones"! What is aware of the plot and actors?

"Game of Thrones" – the cult series of our time, which has gained love of tens of millions of fans worldwide. Magnificent actors, interesting characters, mythical creatures, as well as intrigue in the struggle for the iron throne – all these components captured our minds. Part with the world of dragons and Lutovolkov is not easy. Fortunately, we are waiting for the prequel!

Starting from the first season of the series "The Game of Thrones" did not subscribe to the disputes about what will be the preques and sequels. And after the final episode of the final season, the informational space was filmed fake news about Spin-off. We decided to rely on the most reliable source, namely – to messages from HBO, because it was this company and was engaged in creating the original series. So, what happened to learn about the bed?

Shooting and title

The most important news is that the shooting of the pilot series has already begun and they are all in the same Belfast (which in Northern Ireland), as well as in Spain. These locations in the original series were used, in particular, to transfer Winterfella and Dorn landscapes. By the way, Synopsis reports that she will open some nuances of the history of the East. What is the speech: about Dorna or about Valiria? I would like, of course, learn more about the valleys. There are a high chances of reiterating the amazing children of the forest (for their abode of forests of Northern Ireland). Well, wait and see.

Although shooting began, fans early to rejoice and rub his hands in anticipation of the emergence of the series. The first season will be completed and shown not earlier than 2020. In the list of screenwriters, Jane Goldman, known for his work on the TV series "Dr. House" .

Fans of books from the "Song of Ice and Flame" cycle were delighted and oveught with the news that the favorite author self-taking part in creating a new series as an executive producer and scenarios. On the one hand, it guarantees the preservation of Martin style. But on the other hand, this means that the final book of the Cycle George will not be able to complete in the near future. Simply time is not enough.

There is no finalversion header yet, but George Martin himself told reporters that he preferred the name "Long Night" . In the same way, the third episode of the 8th season of the "Games of the Thrones", which caused many resentments from many. This is the most scandalous episode with the death of the King of the night from the hands of Aria and with the bustling of strange moments: from pretty defense to attempts to hide from the Demks in Kripte, where the dead – Pond Pond. The likelihood is high that the creators of the show will refuse the name, causing unpleasant associations in the circles of avid fans. Among all sorts of options, the title "Bloody Moon" was also mentioned .

The acting series

Many celebrities included in the extension actors who have passed the casting. In the spring of 2019, official sources reported that the cast was included: Marquis Rodriguez, John Simm, Richard McKeb, John Heffinan, Dixie Ezherix, Naomi Ekki, Denis Gof, Jamie Campbell Bauer, Sheila Atim and others.

Started shooting prequel

Apparently, Oskarone Naomi Watts will become one of the key stars. It is still known about her heroin, but the creators described it as: "Charismatic secular lady hiding dark mystery" . In the fan circles there is an opinion that Naomi will appear in front of us in the image of a terrible queen of the night, the mention of which is missing in the "Game of Thrones", but there is in books. However, this version does not seem to be plausible if only because the queen of the night does not fit with the description of the "charismatic lady". There is another no less popular version, which says that Naomi’s heroine will be a direct ancestor of Targarians (the great house of which in the world covered as such is not yet).

Due to the similarity of an external type, many are already seeing Watts as a role like SERSEY (Heroi Lina Hidi). Undoubtedly, a talented Naomi can play a complex nature of a notable lady, breaking between the desire to power and typically female dreams: to love and be loved.

Scene of the series

Creators will transfer us to the world of "Games of Thrones" for thousands of years ago, showing the distant past of the Universe "Ice and Flame" . We will see the sunset of the Heroes – the Epoch, who has come after a peaceful agreement concluded by children of the forest and people. The creators also promise to tell the details of the origin of the White Walkers and the birth of the Stark House. Apparently, the style of the narrative will differ from the usual submission of the plot in the "IP" . The intriguing phrase sounded in information about the series: "This is not the story that we know" .

And although the main series has already ended, fans continue to talk about the favorite project, following the lives of actors and discussing the characters. And especially zealous fans even travel at the places of filming "Games of Thrones". I would like to hope that the coming project will be no less interesting and will give us a lot of unforgettable emotions.

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