Start the development of a life and career business plan

Your dream came true – You finally got the job about which I had long dreamed of. Get a good place – half the second half – Save it by ourselves, ensuring a decent reputation, and, consequently, a career ladder promotion. In order for the obstacles to your career path as far as possible, learn how to manage such an exciting process as career growth. You can learn until the oldest, as well as strive for the better.

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So, proceed to the development of a life and career business plan.

First, entering a new team for you, you first need to take care of creating a decent reputation. This is the most important point based on which the opinion will be addressed about you who surrounding people, in particular, your chief and colleagues. Be always extremely honest. Better bitter truth than a sweet lie, and at work the more lies are not appropriate. If for some reason you are late, it is better to honestly recognize your guilt and bring punishment. If you are not right to some question, live and apologize.

Promising something, always contain the promise, and never promise that you are not able to do with what you can not handle. Promises need to be performed exactly in time. If you do not have time to finish something, it is better to warn about it in advance about this colleagues or boss to avoid unnecessary problems. Try not to make mistakes and mistakes. If this happened, let me understand the leadership that you will do everything possible to correct your proms. The bosses should understand that you do not sit on the spot, and try to move forward with all my might. This is an excellent soil for career growth.

Start the development of a life and career business plan

Do not criticize colleagues, especially for their back. Gossip are not welcome anywhere, and communication with gossips avoid. Want to impress? Speak always calmly, clearly, right, restrained and truthfully. So you will always listen.

Sometimes good acquaintances contribute to the career ladder, as they support you and provide all. If you have not yet started such friends in the field of your activity, then you need to expand the sphere of your business dating. To do this, you can become a member of some professional club associated with your activities, attend all corporate events, actively communicate and recognize new people. If someone needs your help, do not refuse. To get a good attitude, you need, first of all, learn to help people himself. Be responsive and good. But at the same time, do not let you use your kindness. To always be in front of the bosses, participate in all the projects held, it will also expand your knowledge.

Do not combine career and personal life. Even if with someone from colleagues you especially «Fredded», do not need to join friendly relations at work.

If your head was born a wonderful thought about some improvement in their activities, do not hurry to lay out it with the authorities. First, we think well, will it bring harm to your colleagues, as will affect the company’s activities, discuss this idea with some employee. Your deliberate and weighted ideas «Transformations» able to show you from the best side before manual.

If since you got a job, your friends began to be offended by you that you pay them too little time, think about what work – it’s not all life. Soon when friends are moving away from you, you will understand that one to be very difficult. When meeting with friends, do not occupy all your communication with stories about your wonderful work. Tell the main thing, because friends have accumulated a lot of interesting news. Do not boast and be proud of friends with the size of their salary or the importance of your position. These are your friends, they can only rejoice at your success!

Never stop there. The motto of all prosperous people – not a minute in place. If you have achieved an increase, do not stop moving on. You can spend some part of the time for self-education, improving professionalism. Read, learn new spheres of your activities, improve skills. New and new knowledge – This is a very valuable contribution to your activities. It will be very useful for you to attend speech courses. After all, everyone knows that the ability to speak to the public is always appreciated. If it seems to you that you have reached the heights of professionalism, then this is a bad sign talking about what you stopped moving forward. In this case, you can take leave, relax, disperse, and then with new forces to conquer the peaks of the career.

Start the development of a life and career business plan

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