Stained Hair and Basma. Natural hair clarification and hair coloring in black

Hair shade is governed only by the Basma Exposure Time. For henna in the table (on the previous page), the minimum time is indicated, but it can be increased, since the proscuration of hair henna is the main. The better the hair will turn off the henna, the better the Basma will fall, and the stronger will be the result.

How to paint the henna and bass already painted hair

In this case, too, you need to wash and dry your hair. Heno and bass wept the same as for the primary color, but the cassea is applied only for unpainted parts of the hair. In case of shitting, stains may appear on the previously painted hair. Head cover with parchment paper or polyethylene, overpowing with a terry towel, not acceptable hair. Withstand the necessary time, the composition is washed without soap.

Henna and Basma can paint hair previously discolored hydrogen peroxide. In this case, they punish very quickly. Also should reduce the shutter time and bass times when the hair is painted after curling. In case the hair after curling heavily acted, it is better to refrain from coloring, because the coloring will be uneven: the unenciduous hair closer to the roots will turn out more lightly, and the ends are dark. If the hair needs to be painted, then you first need to cry outward hair to the color of curled hair, and then paint your hair along the entire length.

It is better not to paint the hair of the henna using the bass after processing the reducing agent. In this case, the hair is blaked. But the henna can be painted hair and after the use of other dyes. So, for example, to give the hair a golden shade, they are first labeled, and after washing, wetted with a liquid henna solution (2 teaspoons on a glass of hot water). After 10 minutes, the hair is rinsed with warm water.

Fucking after curling hair can also be revived and make a brighter same solution.

Folk Recipes of Different For Staining Hair Natural Dyes

Lightening hair chamomile

Hair becomes soft, shiny, golden color, if they wash them with a chamomile decoction. To prepare the brave of 100 g of dry chamomile brew 1/2 l boiling water, let it be in a warm place for an hour. For dark hair Take 200 g of grass. This infusion moisten the hair and dry at normal temperature.

You can soften your hair with honey shampoo. For its preparation, pour 30 g of pharmacy chamomile 100 ml of cool boiling water and insist hour. Then this infusion is strain, add a dessert spoonful of honey and mix well. Clean, slightly wet hair abundantly moisture with a cooked shampoo, and after 30-40 minutes, wash the hair with warm water without soap. This procedure can be done every week.

Natural Tools Coloring Hair Black Color

To improve the quality of Henna dyes and bass, you can mix with juice juice, pomegranate, wet nut shell. Helps painting and add to the henna mixture and water bass, in which lead oxide treated or lime, boiling water or heating it in the sun, until the wool fabric.

Well ink hair paint from henna in which a little carnation is added. In addition to Henna and Basma, for painting hair in black, you can use their combinations with other substances.

You can use the paint of such a composition: they take the iron scale, which is pre-triturated in the wine vinegar covering it into four fingers, it is boosted to half the volume and leave in vinegar for 2 weeks until the whole composition does not cover rust. Then they take black Merobalan – as much as the scale, they water them with this vinegar, pre-trusheys, and boil some time. After that, paint is ready to use.

Silver scale, boiled in vinegar, is considered one of the strongest hot paints. Instead of vinegar, it is possible to use orange or lemon acid, as well as instead of boiling, you can leave iron in the paint.

If you have a fresh pumpkin, which is on your stem, remove its contents and put salt in it and a little iron scale, and then apply a cut crust back and deceive the pumpkin clay, then everything that is in it is dissolved. Pumpkin contents can then be used as paint.

It is recommended that such a means: to lose the leaves of capers and cook them in milk, until one third evaporates. The remaining mixture is left overnight, and then use how to paint. This remedy also protects hair from falling out.

The bark of the root of the laurel is also valid, if you lose it with olive oil and smear her hair.

Stained Hair and Basma. Natural Hair Clamps and Hair Staining in Black

Natural remedies giving hair blonde and white

Light golden color can be obtained with the help of henna, which is preliminarily kneaded on the brave of Kacima.

To obtain a brown color, the following composition is used: take grated lupine – 30 g, myrtles – 15 g, turkit – 6 g, dried wine thick – 9 g and an arbitrary amount of water with grape vine.

Strong coloring agent can be prepared by taking 60 g of a suma, galls – about 100 g, yellow marigolds – 60 g, two beam of a venerer hair, a bunch of bitter wormwood, two handfuls of purified dry lupine. This mixture is discharged several days in 3-4 liters of water and then impose an armband from this composition.

To give hair white hair use rosehip, white cow flowers, radish husks, bile bile, sulfur couple, capers flowers, olive flowers. These plants can be used both separately and in combinations, after digging hair with sulfur pairs, adding vinegar.

For the same purpose, a mixture of nine seeds is used, dry radish husks and alum. All this is ticking with Arabian gum.

You can take the leaves of Rosehip, Machine Sheluha, Mandragor, Belen Mix everything and use as paint, adding camphors. After any color hair well lubricate with violet oil.

Information in this article is familiarized, and not a recommendation. Please do not engage in self-medication, be sure to consult a specialist.

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Stained Hair and Basma. Natural Hair Clamps and Hair Staining in Black

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