Spring Events: 7 Interesting Classes with Children

You and your child can rejoice in the spring, no matter what the weather. You can enjoy useful actions with a child and enjoy the positive moments, both open-air and indoors. So, to offer children, despite the weather forecast?

We all know that spring is a capricious lady, who, nevits us under warm solar rays, then fills with rains or demolfits a strong wind. Therefore, we need classes for both cloudy and sunny days.

1. Arrange Picnic
Great idea that one hundred percent will like the kids. But provided that there is no rain. But if you and your child have already tuned to such a spring event, spend a picnic at home. Just spread the blanket on the floor and enjoy all together with a family meal. What to cook? Decide by itself, based on the preferences of the child and the benefit for its body. For example, a good dish for a picnic indoor is fruit kebabs that can be made of bananas, pineapple, pears. Fruits Separate on pieces, remove bones. Fill with grape juice and a minute, slide on the skewers. If you get to relax in nature, outside the competition baked potatoes in foil.

2. Let soap bubbles

Even adults are delighted with such a spectacle, not to mention children. Offer your daughter or son together to make a magic agent for allowing rainbow bubbles. You can take a recipe without harmful ingredients: I will not cause tears from the baby, even if you are not enough. Mix the children’s shampoo (1/3 of Art. spoons) with one glass of water. Dissolve gelatin in proportion 1: 1 and mix from 1 h. spoon sugar. All ingredients Connect and mix. Give it. If you want to get colored bubbles, add a little eating dye.

3. Watch the nature and draw

Gas out a sunny and warm day? Do not miss the opportunity to go outside so that the child can manifest creative abilities. After all, spring is the time of bright light and constantly changing landscapes, which stimulates fantasy and desire to display all this beauty in the picture. When going to the street, ask the baby to capture a piece of paper and pencils with me with an easel. At home, you can remember what you saw and do clay or plasticine.

4.Make an air snake
Spring – Time when winds often blow, and hence, you can start the air snake or a cheerful turntable with children. To do this, take a piece of paper and make a square from it. Cross on the cross planning the fold line. Retreat from the center one centimeter. Then we take the upper left edge, cutting along the fold line, and attach to the center. Also do with the rest. The resulting turntable is pierced in the center of the carnation. And so that it does not fall out, on the other hand, they fix it with a rubber or piece of plasticine, at the same time fixing and wand for which we will keep the turntable.

Spring events 7 interesting sessions with children

5. Look out of the mud
If the weather is very sunny and warm, and after the rain there were puddles and dirt, do not ignore them! Explore the world with the child. Put on rubber boots and jump on puddles. Suggest to blind wet sand cake or land. After all, what pleasure to squeeze the wet earth between my fingers! Anyway, on returning home, you will take a warm bath. If the weather is too rainy, you can imitate the "mud" pleasure at home, engaging with a laying test. Make it easily: mix one glass of shallow salt with one cup of flour. Add five tablespoons of vegetable oil and some water. To the dough it turns out to be colored, gently interfere with natural beet or carrot juice in it.

6. Make a tent
True pleasure – Build a tent, own small house. Feel like a pyter. It can be built at home from blankets, covered, pillows. Let the child shifts fantasy, do not put a shop. Or ask to build a tent for dolls. Use for this purpose a double sheet of paper or a cover from a notebook or log. Let the kid sneak it at his discretion. If it happens on the lawn, then collect the twigs and build Shalashik.

7. Check on traces of animals
Such a hunt will delight your children. In sunny weather, choose the city. Take a plaster and water with you. Walk around the park and look for tracks. As soon as you find, under your control, children mix gypsum with water. Then help pour the mixture "Trail". While the gypsum for 30 minutes will stick, offer to play a ball or drink warm tea from thermos with a cookie. Then, carefully ponds with a blade of the cast together with the ground and put a prepaid container in a pre-prepaid. When you bring home, lay out and leave dried within 24 hours. Then, when in the hands of a child will be ready, hardened track track, take the book and look for his owner.

Spring events 7 interesting sessions with children

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