Spring coat 2013

Coat – an integral part of the female wardrobe. Elegant and romantic, feminine and sexy, sports cut and modern – they are perfectly suitable for women.

In this case, the main trick is the perfect selection of coat.

Properly selected coat will be able to give the feminine an additional chic, elegance and femininity.

The modern pace of life constantly dictates us new mod rules, instantly replacing current ideas of the past.

Our Women’s Journal will introduce you to the latest trend of spring fashion 2013.

And this year there is to pay attention to.

So, Spring coat 2013.

Berlin Brand Mint&Berry was created by two designers in love with their city. Stylish and fashionable coat from MINT&Berry is designed for young and independent women.

Side zipper on a long zipper, an elastic belt, boilers, large overhead pockets, no collar – all this gives the product the original design and returns in the 60s of the last century.

Will complement your spring outfit black tights, which give female legs eroticism, and ankle shock shoes.

Evening outfit will look stunningly if you have a small handbag with a handle on the chain, and my handbag is finished with rhinestones.

Ankle Boots with all sorts of decorative elements will give, like a handbag, your evening along with a special chic.

A similar pattern of a coat with a side clasp, but not from Europe, but from America from the Esprit brand. This is a democratic American brand created by 1968 in San Francisco, founded by the spouses of Susie and Doug Tompkins.

Esprit is one of the most famous clothing brands in the world.

ESPRIT coat is intended for the category of women who are preferred in their wardrobe give elegance.

Not only effectively, but also throwing black tights with all sorts of drawings.

Still in fashion shoes on the platform.

The color of the coat is desirable and the most important female accessory – handbag. It can be not only of natural or artificial leather, but also from suede.

Non-smoke classic. She never comes out of fashion. Purchasing a classic coat in your wardrobe, you do no investment for one fashion season.

A classic coat is represented with double-breasted buttons and batches.

The wardrobe consisting of a classic coat can be supplemented like jeans, there and pants.

For a minute do not forget that you are a woman. As you often remember about your nails. They must be well-groomed. Varnish will give your nails a resistant color, shine and radiance and protects from small damage.

Bright, red color fitted coat – perfect option for gray everyday life. The original cutting of the collar will not only give a stylish appearance of the product, but also will warm the woman in bad weather.

Ashley Brooke brand coat is characterized by the highest quality and impeccable appearance. At the heart of the outfits from Ashley Brooke lies classic style, but not in pure form, but in combination with a bright personality. Models of this brand are relevant, peculiar, comfortable and presentable.

Selecting the Spring Wardrobe, do not forget about shoes with all sorts of decor.

Decor shoes lately very popular and amazes abundance of chains, bows, crystals and rhinestones, flowers and beads. Decor can be both a double bow as shown in the picture.

Heel-stud attaches femininity and engraves the figure.

Fashionistims should throw their eyes to an unusual semi-trap, where the main focus is made on a knitted poncho.

So, cute women, if you are your coat or semi-trackel, then turn it into a fashionable and gorgeous thing with the help of the original knitted poncho.

All ingenious, turns out to be a trifle case.

Spring coat 2013

Bridal from the Danish brand Vila, where collections are created for girls who are not familiar with the basics of style and are not afraid to experiment. Dress in Vila style – it means to stand out from the total mass.

Coat with double-breasted buttons, big patch pockets, belt, emphasizing the waist and slightly lush sleeves, where the main focus is made on poncho.

Stylish girl will always stand out from the crowd. To be so, do not forget about the handbag. It can be both classic and sports style, where the main accent is the brightness of the paints.

Great value of fashionista give such shoes like boots. They can be not only leather or suede, but also combined. In the Spring-Summer season 2013, the design of the shoe is of particular importance.

Combination not only color gamut, but also of various textures. It is worthwhile to pay attention to this factor.

Military-style coat looks great! Shipping, double-breasted row of small buttons, inclined sloping pockets – all these details are decoring the coat and refer to the style of Militari.

Born in America – a country that is associated with freedom and unlimited self-expression, the Rick Cardona brand has an indifference and fresh decisions in the design of women’s clothing.

Militari coats from the American brand Rick Cardona for our contemporary.

Diversity Militari style with trendy shoes and give our image femininity.

In the Spring-Summer season 2013 in favorite lacquered shoes.

Coat – this is the thing of the demi-season wardrobe, which others see for you.

You should not neglect the direct silhouette coat. A sample of such a coat is always in fashion – this is a non-smiling classic.

In the upcoming spring season, pay attention to the side zipper and volumetric collars.

Elegant stylish quinced coat in spring days – an indispensable thing in a female wardrobe.

What would you not choose a coat, it should satisfy your requirements.

Spring coat 2013

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