Spots on the face: Causes of the appearance and methods of deliverance

Beautiful skin should be smooth, tender, elastic, without any defects. The latter includes not only wrinkles and pimples, but also color changes. Face spots can be of different size, color and even origin, but in any case they are desirable to get rid of them or at least mask them with cosmetics.

What are there spots

The famous saying says that the stains are even in the sun. What can we talk about human faces, beautiful precisely by their imperfection? Mixed on the face are the most different. It may be moles moles: good luck kisses? , scars from acne rash, pigment spots or freckles freckles – how to deal with them and is it worth it? , Small bruises and other spots of vascular origin. Each of these varieties of defects requires a special relationship.

For example, with the rims of spots, nothing can be done. You can only delete them in a medical institution and only after a thorough examination conducted by a dermatologist or an onco dermatologist.

Traces from acne rapes are usually a blue shade. To combat such spots, cosmetologists offer a lot of money – from peels to laser grinding. At home from such spots, products based on bodhai or special gels are well helped to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Many distress with their owners deliver pigment spots. Usually they appear on the skin under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Often, hormonal changes are also the reason for the appearance of such stains, for example, pregnant women often arise on skin similar defects. Methods of combating pigment stains a lot, but it is better to simply not allow them to appear using the tools "from the Sun" with a high protection factor. If the freckles on the skin still appeared, whitening creams and masks will help to cope with them.

Another common problem – red spots on the face. The varieties of such spots are many: they can be small and large, inflamed and peeling, persistent and emerging from time to time. Of course, ways to deal with spots depend primarily from their species.

Allergic reactions

After testing a new cosmetic agent on the face, items appeared. Red spots? Most likely, the reason in the allergic reaction to the new cream or lotion. As a rule, the stains of allergic origin are accompanied by the sensations of itching, voltage, they can peel and inflame. The recipe for getting rid of such spots is simple – to stop using the means that caused such a reaction. Antihistamines will be effective.

Not always allergic reactions arise precisely on cosmetics. Such effect can also produce food or unsuitable drugs. In addition, it is allergic to cold, on sunlight, on chemical evaporation. Allergic reactions to toxins are quite common, which produce intestinal parasites. In this case, allergic manifestations are usually combined with various symptoms from the gastrointestinal tract.

In the event that it is not possible to determine the cause of red spots on the face, you should contact a doctor. If you managed to find out why stains appeared on the face, then all contacts with Allergen should exclude. The only exception is the drug. If the stains on the face occurred after taking tablets, then you need to report such a reaction of your body to the doctor who has written by the drug, and only after consulting a doctor to stop the reception of the medicine.

Not only allergy

Allergic reaction is the most common, but far from the only reason for the appearance of red spots on the face. Such a defect may occur in other cases, for example, be a consequence of the deficit in the body of vitamins A, C, E and Group B. Also, the reason for the appearance of red spots can be fungal diseases of the skin or leather damage to the subcutaneous tick of the subcutaneous tick – will help an integrated approach (in this case, the stains are usually strongly scratched).

Red spots on the face occur under certain viral diseases – herpes and windmill, as well as bacterial infections. Defects on the skin can be due to disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and gallbladder, as well as hormonal imbalances, metabolic disorders, systemic and autoimmune diseases.

Spots on the face of the causes of appearance and methods of deliverance

Red spots can be the first manifestation of various skin diseases. These include:

  • Rosacea;
  • Red deprived;
  • Pink deprived;
  • Acne;
  • Psoriasis;
  • Erytrosis;
  • Cooperoz.

Each of these diseases requires specific treatment, so it is very important to visit the dermatologist in time for the diagnosis. In some cases, it can be limited to local treatment, in other situations it will take a cardinal change in lifestyle and diet, medication reception.

Finally, often red spots on the face are due to endocrine and neurological diseases. Often such stains are a reaction to stress. Man Holds Emotions and Externally remains calm, but the skin gives the passion raging in the soul. The face is covered with pink stains, which sometimes get started, sometimes flakes, and sometimes have the kind of blisters. In such a situation, sedatives will come to the rescue and, of course, psychohygin.

First aid

What to do if red spots appeared on the face? If there is a suspicion that such stains are manifestation of allergies, it is necessary to eliminate contact with all potential allergens. Even if there is no confidence in allergic origin, the antihistamine means is still worth it. If there is a suspicion that the stains appeared as a result of stress, soft sedatives will not interfere.

In addition, it is necessary to carefully clean the skin of the face using the most tender and delicate means. Do not mask stains using cosmetics – it is likely to only worsen the skin condition. If the spots have not passed within two hours, then you should contact the doctor to find out the reasons for their appearance and development plan for treatment.

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