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Somehow we reasoned, why not share sports on male and female,
– as a preface to a series of materials about "non-heynskiy" sports activities. We have already found out how to start to engage in boxing and crossfit, and in a recent article about rugby, there were several parallels with football, we can’t write about it.

Text: Anna Sakharov

Need to forget pro
"I can’t" or
"I don’t know how to do as it turns out

For those who in childhood did not bother in the yard with boys: Football – a team game on a herbal field, where players need to score (with all parts of the body, except for the hands) as much as possible balls in the opponent’s gate and protect their. Football develops reaction, coordination, dexterity, endurance. Novice training is not only a serious physical activity, but also work with the team, so it will be necessary to overcome the impactivity. "Football is an excellent opportunity to develop communication skills, as the game is impossible without interaction and cohesion," explains the Nastya Casina, the goalkeeper of the amateur team "Vorthern". The inclusion is also needed too: the game implies a constant analysis of the actions of rivals and allies, as well as its capabilities. "Always need to think where you give the ball, at what angle, how to hit how to reduce the angle of shelling. You interact with other players, watch everyone immediately and in the mind are constant calculations, "says Nastya. "I want people to move away from the idea of ​​football, as about the" men running around ", meaningless tribune battles and saw all the painstaking work, which is conducted on the field".

Training lasts no more than two hours, usually – one and a half. Starts with the necessary and well-known workout, preparing the body to intensive work. Then there is a small introductory part when players perform basic warming exercises with the ball. After – the maximum load and the bulk of the workout: work on the schemes, drawing "penalties" and "corner" or testing of equipment of owning the ball, strokes and blows on goal for beginners. All finishes the game immediately, and after – the "hitch" or "sink marks" – stretching and relaxation "clogged" the muscles needed for recovery. "At first classes, the coach estimates your skills, so you need to forget about" I can’t "or" I do not know how "and do the way it turns out. It is worth expecting large physical exertion and insane fatigue, because even newcomers do not give to chances and demand as much as from the rest, "says Nastya.

Since the game of football includes a lot of running, the first thing in the tone will come to the muscles of the legs, but the rest will come up soon. In fact, football training is a cardion load, so every occupation will contribute to the burning of fat, strengthening, and not the growth of the muscles, which in the complex will lead to a general weight loss. "From the aerobic loads when running excess water, the press and muscles of the lower extremities are tightened. With normal nutrition and loads of body tone provided, "comments football coach Irina Savelyev. Nastya confirms: "Football players are very beautiful legs, because the first thing they will be strengthened from classes to occur. Well, the buttock area acquires the type of which now everything is chasing ".

Sports what to start football classes

The food must be a calorie, but not fat. It is necessary to observe the break between the food and the occupation of two to four hours. "Everyone himself decides for himself what he wants from sports. If this is a weight loss, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of fats and carbohydrates, increase the consumption of proteins. If you just want to keep yourself in shape, you need to stick to a healthy diet, that is, the balance of these fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The network has many articles on healthy nutrition, and everyone can self or with a specialist to make a program for themselves. The main thing is to understand what you yourself want, "Irina advises. Nastya adds: "It is very important to drink a lot of water. The big percentage of moisture is lost during the sweating (especially if the training takes place in the heat), and it is necessary to restore it. ". "But during games to drink water in large quantities can not. Typically make a small sip or simply wet your mouth, otherwise the load in combination with water can be bad as the stomach and heart. Therefore, if on the street is not +30, then drinking must be left until the end of the match, "Irina warns.

"To play football, you need a shirt, shorts and boots. For competitions will need more leggings and shields, "says Irina. T-shirt and shorts will suit any, but with the purchase of boots it is better not to hurry – first you need to know how classes are held on what coverage, and after – to move many pairs of football shoes and among the abundance of firms and models to choose one suitable. The goalkeeper still needs to be purchased gloves, pants and sweaters that protect against damage when falling.

Where to do:
Sports Center "#tagsport", Football Clubs "Aurora", "Legion",
Children and Youth Sports School No. 75 "Savelovskaya".

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