"People need to love". 6 Soviets of Nicholas Kolyads to everyone who wants to write cool

In Moscow, on the new platform "8/3", there is a festival of young dramatourgia "Lyubimovka". Here, at the very first view of new plays in Russian, Nikolay Kolyada represented his work. 30 years later, he is a superstar of Russian drama, director, founder of the Ural School of Dramaturgia and its own theater. The carriage arrived at the festival as a guest guest and she told a tens of dozen stories for an hour and a half, shared his experience and gave advice to young playwrights. They will be useful not only to writers, but also to everyone who wants to tell stories and write mischievous texts.

Source event

At each lesson, I ask my students the same thing: where is the original event where it? In any play should be a source event. This is the basis of the basis. The ideal example is Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol, "I invited you, gentlemen, in order to inform you the most expensive news: the auditor is going to us". And all, and immediately the world of the whole town changes. No one remains indifferent, everyone and everyone is worried.

Without a hot rod, which is called a source event, there are no plays – at least students need to be laughing and called it hopeless.

It’s like in Soviet stores, where the needle was standing next to each saleswoman, to which they gated checks: here is one on the ruble twenty, one on the ruble fifteen. And without this seva will not work.


The play should be thought. If you sit down to write a play, and you think: the line – the ruble, one more line – the ruble and one more line – the ruble, then nothing will work. If I want to earn, then no chore does not work. No matter what story is the main thing that I want to tell something to people, and the heart asks. If there is a thought in the text, then everything will be fine.

Word and Ear

Without a great and wonderful Russian language – the wrong, ugly and strange – either nothing will happen. I remember how one day, Lyudmila Petrushevskaya arrived at the festival in Yekaterinburg. She was sitting in her hat, sang three hours, and everyone crowded around her and asked: "What would you advise young playwrights?"And Petrushevskaya holds a minute pause and says:" Listen ". I looked at her and thought: how is she right.

People listen on the streets, in the tram, trolleybus, anywhere. The playwright is, first of all, ear. Listen, as wrong, but how beautiful people say. How and in what makes their phrases.

It can be some kind of complete nonsense, and all the subtexts become understood inside. And be sure to write. I have a million notebooks, where I am writing everything in a row – and then I use it anyway in the play. Here, for example, recently recorded: "Tireless creative itching of notching". Now it is in the play, which I just finished. Katul is talking to Caligula and asks him: "What kind of play we will play today?"And Caligula answers:" Not yours, everything is clear with you, a tireless creative itching itching ". All sorts of word is important to record.

People need to love


What people are different: some are small, plump, others – high. One is stupid, the other clever, the third scoundrel. And you look at him and think: "Pig, Pig". Then everything turns 360 degrees and it turns out that he is a wonderful person. He who then thought so bad then. In the text so always: to write a person of one paint can not.

Psychology of the public

The author must amazingly knowing the psychology of the public. It is necessary to understand that here, in this place, you need to rush to people to laugh, and there, through two pages, say the word "b ****" to woke up. And three more pages need to press the eyeballs to cry. This is the law, and there can be no other law, I assure you. People just for this and go to the theater. Maybe they will not tell you about it, but it is so different.


The most important thing is that it should stand after all this, piercing and thought, and the word, and character, is pain for a person. And pain is love for him, compassion. You need to love people. If you sit down and write with hatred, "hate, bitch, creatures," that will not work. Everyone must regret because life like a comet – chirk, and you do not. Forever eternal you no. It can not so be that everyone will die, but I will stay. We will die, understand? And everyone must regret for that little moment, for which he appeared on this white light. And how many sufferings for everyone, how many misfortunes, how many troubles, how much pain!

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