Drink to the bottom: what the "one more one" of Thomas Winterberg is responding in the soul

This is a movie about men – adults confused, lost. In the congestive Soviet 1970s such films formed a whole direction: "Duck hunting" Vitaly Melnikova, "Autumn Marathon" Georgy Deltera, "Flights in a dream and reveal" Balayan’s novel, "You and I" Larisa Shephen. In these films, men tried to find themselves, place in life and her meaning. They were not hypocrites and walked the society inlays: they drank the glasses to escape from surrounding their sers, substituted friends and choices for the sake of momentary joys, which could comfort them, or deliberately drove themselves into bindings – and lived, grief.

Late films of the Danish director of Thomas Winterberg – the essence of the apology of human weaknesses, if not paguing them, because they, in his opinion, is what is called humanity. "Hunting" – a piercing statement about the Cancel Culture and the trial of "not so". Autobiographical "Commune" – tearful story about the relationship between friends, in fact, in the commune of the 1960s, in which each character in his own homely, but together they are trying to step into a bright future. And even the studio "Kursk" about the sunken submarine, in which Winterberg did not give the opportunity to touch with a finger script, read as the heroization of Russian soldiers in front of the European world.

"Another one" – is, if the case, the story of friends – school teachers, on the characters are not similar, but each of them had broken with aching heart. Martin (the main character in the performance of the genius Madsa Mikkelsen) – a history teacher – loses the taste for life. Twenty years ago, he was dreaming his doctoral thesis, he was passionately in love and danced Jazz-ballet (this is the Chekhov rifle – and Winterberg virtuoso will give out a volley in the final), and now the disciples listen to his lectures, overlooking smartphones, wife without hiding what he believes His boring, takes at work night shifts. Peter (Lars Rante) – Teacher of singing, not the first year to be lonely alone, and all because it is soft, clumsy and slightly stutter. He can not even decide to invite a girl on a date. At the psychology teacher Nicholas (Magnus Milang) adds on the model of the European MIDL-Class: Stable earnings, beauty-wife, three tiny children, and there are no problems, except for babies to stomach him. But he understands that with this calm life he is not in his plate. Tommy (Thomas Bo Larsen from "Celebration") – the oldest is a tragic hero, a sad clown. He, except for three friends and dying dog disabled, there is not a single person on white light. And his work is not happy. He is Fizruk.

Distance to Winterberg characters feel the first minutes twenty – exactly until the bottle of alcohol opens in the frame. Cinema comes off from a dead point when at the gathering Martin, who revealed with tears in his eyes, begins to drink a glass behind a glass, as he is absolutely not peculiar. At the same table companions decide to drink regularly, pretending researchers theory of Norwegian philosopher Finn Skerderuda, believing that a person at birth is critical lack of blood polpromille. "Another one" tells about the sacramental relations of men and alcohol. For heroes, he has a catalyst returning to youth ambitions. Drinking gives Martin Drive teaching and intimacy with his wife, Nikolai – forgotten carelessness. Completeness of Peter: He, as he dreamed, will become a favorite class and will begin to see women. The sessions of alcohol libations, bringing to Delirium, will hurt Martin and Nicholas with their wives, when the streets on the street will be regular incidents, but soon the heroes will be cooled, and it turns out that what happened their marriages. Only Tommy Alcohol will bring to the grave. According to Winterberg, alcohol is destroyed for those in unpromising despair. He gives them determination to look into the inner darkness.

Here you need to make a film remark: "one more one" – in the traditional sense, the acting film, shot without delights and frills. But his artistic simplicity – nothing in front of the openness of Winterberg and the timbre of his father’s intonations, as if the director pats you on the shoulder, and you miss a glass of wineglass with him. For each sensitive viewer Winterberg – instantly "his own", and this is what the "one more one" is a unique film. He opens with an epigraph from Kierkegor: "What is youth? Dream. What is love? Sleep content ». And in the last twenty minutes, the words of the Danish thinker, who dedicated himself to the search for human calling, will again embell themselves in the story, sounding from the mouth of a sign of a schoolboy on the exam: "Love life and people can only those who realized themselves at the bottom of his own personality".

Like his unbelieving characters, Winterberg to 50 years old studied this bottom along and across. He could not find an authentic path for a long time, was under the destructive influence of Lars von Trier, whose ideas stained with humans and empathia ("Celebration", executed by Canon Dogma-95, and "Dear Wendy"). Then he experimented, became wrong, removing the faceless European Arthaus ("Return home" and "Submarino"). And if you try to look out in the "one another" morality (what to do to the highest least), it says that a person should exist in a permanent search – himself, roles in the world order and the cherished "meaning of life".

Pei to the bottom than in the soul will respond

This film is not about alcohol, but love is just in the light of the same Kierkegara, who claimed to be in love – it means to be wrong before the chosen. About this and reports Winterberg – the most humane of the director of his generation. Love seems to re-open the heroes after the rugs and traveling to the edge of consciousness: the meaning of existence they find the need to be loved.

In the last stage, after a series of bitter defeats and death of a comrade, the heroes offer a holiday of life. They are inseparable – as connected for neurotic an absolute misfortune and euphoria, and for the sentimental finals it follows the epitaph of the deceased daughter of Winterberg.

Be honest means uploading the truth to the very last drop and not fear of your own inconsistency. And Thomas Winterberg honest.

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