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If your body is not perfect and the weight is not normal, then first of all you need to pay attention to your metabolism, and all the forces will be sent to its recovery and align. This can be done using a pearl diet. If you wish to have perfect forms, then with all seriousness and responsibility it is worth treating your nutrition, while eliminating all the bold, fried, fatty and forget about ice cream and chocolate at all.

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The most correct and appropriate solution to the problem of delivering from unnecessary kilograms is to start using cereals without adding, sugar and salts. Pearl diet provides impellation in food pearl cereals. This porridge is considered one of the cheapest, and make it made of solid barley grains. Perlovka is famous for the content of nutrients, they relate to iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. Moreover, your body will be able to enrich Vitaminomy, RR and groups in. And the amino acid lysine will be able to give you a feeling of fast-fastest saturation.

Pearl ceres accelerates the process of collagen production, so you can not only lose weight, but also rejected. After all, we all know that in order is a substance that is responsible for the external state of our skin. It has it elastic, soft, smooth and supports youth.

Pearl cereals – this is a kind of core of barrenogoser, which was treated, but in turn he has a cereal shell.Thanks to her, the barrier is very useful for the human body. Many people think that the pear porridge is very difficult to digest with the body, but in fact Ethonikak does not apply to the truth, because even kids can eat it in food to enrich the body with useful vitamins and substances.

Pearl gruses rich in proteins, thanks to which theorganism can cope with allergies associated with dietary or external factors. Moreover, a fiber is perlovating, which cleans the entire body from toxins and slags, the ATA in turn is very important to bring in order of the work and intestinal apparatus.

Plus diet in the fact that it does not require many Costs, the same time provides excellent results. All you need is water and pearl cereals.

Diet duration – five days. During this time, it is highway to drink a lot of water, but you must remember that teas and juices are unchecked. During a diet, it is recommended to drink only pure mineralneck water. Of course, such a diet requires many efforts, because Eatochen monotonous and tough, not every person can withstand it. But your diet will end, you can see that a great result in the form of excess kilograms was tormented by shifting.

Specialists-nutritionists responded to the grooves of weight loss and clearly calculated how extra pounded kilograms will be given. This makes it possible to find out how speed is the weight process.

The first two or three days the weight will decrease out of-stood, which will be cleaned by the intestine and the excessive fluid from the body will be removed, and after all day you can lose one kilogram, in addition, the subcutaneous fat will be, and this is what every woman sitting nascha.

Create a pearl porridge?

You must remember that the breakfast is cooked sufficient time, so it must be pre-dunk in the water to put pressure-twelve hours (200 grams of cereals per liter of clean water). Already swollen steeply pouring water (about two or three glasses) and cook on slow fire. Remember that if the croup is boiling without preloading, then you will need much more time. After cashabadets is ready, remove it from the slab and wrap in a towel to "reached". If suddenly you forgot to dangle the croup overnight, then it is worth rinse and pour steep boiling water and after a couple of hours, it is supervised to start cooking. Take yourself a note that the postards of porridge increases in the amount of five times.

MENU PERFECT DIET – the first option

Pearl diet

The first version of the PERLOV DIET DIET DIGE, because there is no diversity in it. Throughout all the five days, you have to eat tolcololi porridge, which you cook on water without adding salt, sugar oils. In addition to porridge, you can drink herbal decoctions, green tea without honey Isahar, as well as mineral water.

MENU AFTER DIET – the second option

This version of the pearl diet provides the rational ration is not entirely alone, because it can be extended to seven days.

For breakfast, you can eat a pearl porridge without salt oil, however, it is allowed to add one grated green apple or sluggish.

For lunch, you should use a pearl porridge without salt oil, 100 grams of fish or meat and fresh vegetable salad.

For dinner you can eat 250 grams of kefir and 100 grams of low-fat curd. Drinking can be all non-carbonated mineral water and green tea without any additions.


Many women do not adhere to the diet, which is a diet, and make up their own options for such a system. Some people boil porridge and add to it spices, for example, thyme, curry, pepper. Other besides porridge eat more sour and sweet fruits, and vegetables.

Contraindication testimony

Experts did not just have made a pearl bar of the swelling of the most useful products, because it not only helps to relieve the slight kilograms, but also improves health. Moreover, trace elements that are rich in the barn, well affect digestion. This once again says that if you stick to a diet for no more than seven days, then it is not there any means of contraindications. Even on the contrary, it is very useful. However, before sitting on this diet, as well as Iprie, any other diet should be advised to the doctor. Re-sit the native diet nutritionists recommend not more than once every 1.5-2 months.

Women who supported this Slimming System claims that many diet tried, but only Pearl was able to provide the necessary result, moreover, the Bolshevsey fat goes on the stomach, buttocks and hips. Of course, throughout the wrapping, you need to get together and endure the monotony, but the result is worth.Almost all fair sex representatives say that for every one is a kilogram of excess weight, and after the end of the diet, the weight does not return. Other women say that it is Perlovka who helped them bring the body in order after delivery. Of course, in addition to the diet, relevant and in sports.

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