Passionate and cosmic: kisses for which it is worth watching these films

On July 6, the whole world celebrates the day of kisses – a sort of summer day of all lovers, a great reason to remind a loved one about his delicate feelings. And what can be romantic than the joint viewing of the movie? Together with the online cinema IVI, we chose the best films for you for the evening.

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"First player to get ready"

"First player to get ready" with Thai Sheridan and Olivia Cook

Passionate and cosmic kisses for which it is worth seeing these films

Surprisingly, the best youth film of this year removed the Hollywood Matthery Stephen Spielberg, who will soon knock on 72 years. Adventure fiction "First Player to Preparing" – the screening of the Roman Roman Ernest Clain about the world of the future, in which people are broken between the meager reality and an attractive virtual universe. In the battle of "Easter" from the creator of the world of Oasis, in which the best players compete with the employees of a powerful corporation, there are Parsifal and Artemis – and in the world Wade and Samantha.

We will not begone the plot, but it is in this film that a kiss will play a decisive role – such as not yet worthy in any fantastic film.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" with Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldan

Perhaps, Pyter Quill and Gamora – the most romantic couple of the whole Marvel universe. If in the first part of the intergalactic epic on Star Lord and his mission, the emotions are paid not so much attention, then in the second part of the relationship almost become the main engine of the plot. Green-skinned babe of gamora, avoiding Peter Kville’s kisses, finally surrendered. Romance between them vitates in the air. And also "Guardians of the Galaxy," being entertaining action, to the impossibility of cute talking about family values.

"Star to blame" with Sheille Woodley and Encell Eldgort

This couple of young beautiful actors in the film release of John Green’s novel got a profile award – the MTV premium for the best kiss. The film tells the tragic, but at the same time the unable light history of love of patients with teenage cancer – Hasel and Ogustus. Gentle feelings, romance, joint fooling and the most sincere kisses are possible on any segment of life – here is the main morality of this tape, which only prevents the film about the disease.

"Window into the courtyard" with Grace Kelly and James Stewart

Recall the unstasive classics. Maestro Suspense Alfred Hitchkok like no one else loved to show tense, theatrical relationship between their heroes – statutory men and seductive "Hichkokov blonde". Only from his rich filmography can easily be a dozen better kisses. If you have not seen or do not remember the movie "Window to the courtyard", then on July 6 – the best time to fix it. You will not be able to not pay attention to the scene in which the hero James Stewart trishes at sunset, while Kelly’s heroine, seeing playing shadows on his face, slowly fit and wakes up his tender kisses. This frame is the perfection of operator work Robert Berks.

"Coach" with Danila Kozlovsky and Olga Zueva

You accurately appreciate their passionate kiss, which follows angry disassembly because of the unexpected victory of the Club-outsider in a quarter of the Russian Cup final. So, another feeling is added to the emotional spectrum of the film. Kozlovsky himself confessed in an interview that he was easy to work with Zoi. "The scene is really very sensual, because it is very brave in his manifestations, and we did not hold back in kisses, in gestures," says actor.

"Double Two" with Rachel Bilson and Eddie Sribian

Easy comedy detective from the creators of "Castle" and "Secret Materials" tells the story of the private detective of Eddie and SAM Actresses. Eccentric girl did not come out of the rehabilitation clinic so long ago and wants to gain a new experience, helping Eddie to unravel. At first, he skeptically refers to the "partner", but in each series of show the relationship between them is becoming more vivid. Rejection, barbed humor, sympathy – we still do not know how soon their first kiss will happen (the world premiere of the show passes on IVI), but it is obvious that this scene will be exciting.

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Passionate and cosmic kisses for which it is worth seeing these films

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