Palm room Hove wood

Khoveney genus from the family of palm or arrow. This genus includes two types of plants that grow mainly on the island of Lord Hau. His name is obliged to the island on which he grows. Khovye refers to high-power palm trees, with a smooth barrel (trunk in rings), with filament leaves, with inflorescence, which is formed from the sinuses of the lowest leaves. These are very beautiful palm trees, unpretentious and hardy, so they can be grown at home. Khovyi can carry some sampling and dry air.

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Belmor Hovei Completed on coral hills and sands in the coastal area on the island of Lord-how. This type of palm trees grows up to 6-10 meters in height, has a trunk in the rings, the base has advanced. Leaves are long to 2-4 meters, cigarette, arcs; The leaflets are straightforward, the width is reached 2-2.5 cm, in length 40-60 cm, the densely on both sides of Rakhis, green on both sides, has a pronounced average veil. The stiff is curved, quite short, strong, in length is about 25-35 centimeters. The inflorescence is simple, no branched, directional, in length occurs from 0.6 cm to 1.3 m.

Forster Hovei. This type of straight trunk, the base is not expanded, the length of 9-12 meters. Leaves in length can be 2-2.5 m, not arc. Lower Leaves horizontally aimed. According to both sides of Rakhis, horizontally from each other on 2 centimeter distance is the green leaflets, from below in small points. Sociality hanging, branched, grows up to 1 meter long. Cell in length is 1-1.5 meter, not curved.

Plant care.

Lighting. Palma room Hovemy well tolerates straight rays of the sun, grows well in bright rooms from southern windows. Can carry a little shading. Hoveja can be grown by windows with the northeast and northwest directions.

Shading can be achieved by waking up the window of the tailed curtain. If the plant stood for a long time in a half, or recently bought it, then you do not need to immediately put it in the sun, and otherwise the plant will get a burn, in this case, to teach the sun should be gradually.

Temperature mode. In the spring, as well as in the summer, the plant must be grown at temperatures close to 20-24 degrees. In winter, palm is best placed in a room with 18-20 degree temperatures, but can come to terms with low 12-16 degree temperatures. Master than low temperature tolerates adult plants.

Palm room Hove wood

Location. The place where the palm tree is grown should be without drafts, but with fresh air inflow.

Watering. Watering a crude in the summer you need plentifully, estimated, fundamentally soft water, because this genus palm does not tolerate surplus. Watering is carried out immediately how the surface land will dry. Since autumn, watering must be reduced, but at the same time the earthen command should not disappear.

Spraying. Although Khovyi can carry dry air, but will not refuse to regularly spray in a summer period with a slightly warm soft water, preferably resistant. In winter it is not necessary to spray. If this room palm tree is not very big, then from time to time you can put it under the shower and washed off the dust, but if the plant has grown too much, then the leaves are enough to wipe with a wet sponge.

Podkord. In fertilizer Hovy needs all year round. Palm palm trees are carried out by conventional mineral fertilizer. In the summer period twice a month, and so enough once a month.

Khoveney transplantation and reproduction.

Young khovesy transplant annually, adults are transplanted at three years once. Large recreation copies do not necessarily replant, but it is necessary to change the top layer of the soil every year. When transplanting plants, it is necessary to remove not only the top layer, but also a layer of drainage, while watching the root system is damaged.

The following composition is taken to dive, consisting of a delicate earth, humus, sand and leaf land (4: 2: 1: 1). The older the plant, the more it should be humus. Plant need to make a good drainage. Hydroponic suitable for cropping. In the pot can be planted for several young plants.

Hovei – Palma that multiplies predominantly to seeds. Some seeds are enough for 2 months to germinate, and some spare only in 12 months.

12-13 year old, well-developed copies can be 12 or more leaves. 15-18 year old can be up to twenty leaves.

Palm room Hove wood

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