Overview of the movie "The Expendables"

"The Expendables" &# 8212; American action adventure, which became the discussion even before the rental. In the film directed by Sylvester Stallone involved actors vanguard militants last 2 decades of the last century. The tape has received high marks from the audience and took the 27th place in the ranking of the world’s highest-grossing box office movies of 2010. In this article you will find a description of the plot, the story of creation, as well as information about the author and cast thriller "The Expendables", which you can see in the Okko online cinema, participated in the preparation of material.

Description of the plot of the film "The Expendables"

The plot of the film "The Expendables", a description of the main scenes that sends the viewer to a classic Hollywood blockbuster 1980-90-ies., filled with fights, purses, shootouts and protracted hand-to-hand fights of heroes. In the film everything is saturated with the spirit of the old era.

The film "Expendables" contains many scenes with fights, chains and shootings.

Team of former elite special forces, and now &# 8212; Unprincipled mercenaries led by Barney Ross by nicknamed Shiz is ready for money to do any job. Some Mr. Cherch offers them for a large amount to eliminate General Garza &# 8212; Bloody dictator at the Latin American Island of Vilen, which is located between South America and the Mexican Bay.

Ross gives consent to the fulfillment of the mission, but upon arrival in place the team learns that they are substantiated. The leader of the special forces makes it decision to refuse to fulfill the task and is going to leave the country, but the daughter of the Sandra dictator convinces the team in her direction in the war against Father-Tirana.

The team of uncontrollable, realizing the prospects for the upcoming collision, decides to stay and begins to hunt for Monroe.At the same time, the scenes in the film are withstanding in the traditions of the action of classical American militants of the old school.

In the decisive duel, Barney, together with Christmas kills Monroe and saves Sandra. Later, the commander passes the girl half of the remuneration received from Cherchasis for performing the operation.

In the final scene, the whole band is going in the salon of Tula, the extensive to celebrate the victory.


Sylvester Stallone, who played the main character of the picture &# 8212; Commander Barney Ross, gathered in his film veterans of popular militants of the last 4 decades. The picture took part:

  • Jason Statham &# 8212; Lee Christmas, the right hand of Ross, a former parachutist, mastering master of blades;
  • Jet Lie &# 8212; Yin Yang, skillfully owning the taking struggle without weapons;
  • Dolph Lundgren &# 8212; Gunnar Jensen, chemist genius, chief disruptive devices;
  • Randy Kutur &# 8212; Toll Road, champion in combat;
  • Terry Cruit &# 8212; Hale Caesar, a lover of large-caliber weapons;
  • Bruce Willis &# 8212; Mr. Cherch, works on the CIA;
  • Overview of the movie
  • Mickey Rourke &# 8212; Tul, the owner of the Tattoo Salon, transmitting orders to mercenaries;
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger &# 8212; Trench, mercenary, tried to intercept an order for Ross;
  • David Zayas &# 8212; General Garza;
  • Giselle Iti &# 8212; Sandra, dictator daughter;
  • Eric Roberts &# 8212; James Monroe.

Dolph Lundgren starred in one of the main roles.

Creators and film crew

Ideological author of "Expendables" &# 8212; Sylvester Stallone, speaking a screenwriter and a fighter director. Dave Callaham also participated in writing the script.

Film Producers: Avi Lerner, John Thompson, Guymon Kessedi, Jason Constantine, Boaz Davidson, Danny Dimborort and DR.

Composer &# 8212; Brian Tyler.

Picture operator &# 8212; Jeffrey L. Kimball, mounting &# 8212; Ken Blackwell and Paul Harb.

How to removed the action movie

The bulk of the film took place in Central America and on the south coast of the United States. A number of scenes were removed in Brazil and on the Far Eastern motor ship "Igarka". One episode in which Barney Ross, Mr. Cherch and Trench, shot in the temple on the territory of Hollywood.

Interesting facts about kinocartine

Original movie name &# 8212; The Expendables &# 8212; translated as "consumables", which soldiers call on military slang. Russian equivalent of literal translation &# 8212; "cannon fodder".

For "uncontrollable" West Coast Customs manufactured 3 Ford F100S 1955 car., On one of which Barney Ross went. For Jason Statham’s character in Italy, a motorcycle was assembled according to one of Ducati models. He liked the actor so much that he bought it after the completion of the filming.

The composition of the actors of the project did not differ stability. Playing Gunnar Jensen initially was offered to "Brussels Muscul" van Damm, but he refused. For the character of Erica Roberts, the authors considered Ben Kingsley, Robert de Niro and Al Pacino. To participate in one of the episodic scenes director invited Stephen Sigala, but received a refusal because of the actor’s disagreements with one of the producers.

Gunnar Jensen wanted to take Van Damma, but he refused.

The role of Heil Caesar was proposed by Wesley Snips, but he could not leave the country due to problems with taxes. Forest Whitaker agreed to the role, but was forced to leave the project due to an uncomfortable shooting schedule. Further, 50 CENT was invited to the role, which refused due to tense musical activity. And only former hockey player Terry Cruit agreed to play the character.

When creating a film, Sylvester Stallone received a lot of injuries, suffered from shooting from infectious diseases. Steve Austin, who played Assistant Monroe, in the final stage with an explosion risked to lose his leg.

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