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Based on the rating of popularity and user feedback, we chose the top five most popular Creams of the American brand, and then studied them with addiction and pleasure.

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What special in Kiehl’s creams

But they love him not for older services, but for the ability to be constantly surprised by new finds and original formulas in which they are combined:

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Composition of creams

For many years, Kiehl’s experts are searching for the best plant ingredients and based on their cosmetic formulas on the latter.

Kiehl’s expert in Russia Alexey Mironenko:

Kiehl’s Cream: Top-5

Ultra Facial Cream Moisturizing Cream

The precursor of the means of this gamma is a moisturizing fluid created in the 70s and still remaining bestseller. Like his progenitor, Ultra Facial Cream participated in an expedition to Everest, and has passed the tests in the harsh conditions of Greenland, proveing ​​its abilities to protect the skin at extremely low temperatures and strong wind.

This advantages do not end. The cream has a saturated, but light universal texture, which is glad of the skin of any type, as well as:

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Moisturizes and prevents evaporation of moisture in mode 24/7;

Soothes Skin and gives her a feeling of complete comfort in all conditions.

In its composition you will find valuable ingredients.

Squlan – the highest quality oil obtained from olives, similar to skin fats, so it is easy to embed it in a hydrolyphibid barrier and strengthens it.

Antarcticin -Extract of the enzyme bacteria pseudoalteromonas. Glycoprotein, which has a non-one unique property, protects the skin from:

the effects of free radicals;

The secret of this component – in the frost-resistant molecules that do not change the structure even in the most merciless climatic conditions.

Cylindrical impert (Desert Plant Extract) – Old Light Pharmacists Hundreds of years used this substance for local improvement of blood circulation.

Moisturizing face gel without oils Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream

Another representative of the Ultra family, who likes the owners of oily and combined skin, as well as fans of light textures and formulas without oils. Here is its features:

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It has a refreshing light texture;

gives the effect of deep moisturizing;

Reduces fat shine;

Kiehl creams; S

Does not score pores.

In addition to Antarcticin and imperatives, there are:

Synthetic glycerol, which retains moisture in cells, gives the skin of the plasticity, softens;

Vitamin E – one of the strongest antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals, at the same time moisturizing the skin.

Cream for leather around the eyes with avocado Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Effects of moisturizing and nutrition are rarely combined in eye formulas. This cream with a very unusual water and oil texture and the ability to quickly soak up – an exception to the rules.

Avocado oil from American tropics rich in fatty acids and vitamin A, restores the level of moisture and natural lipid barrier;

carotene – natural antioxidant with photostatic properties;

Oil Carite nourishes the skin and prevents dehydration;

Pyrrolidoncarbonate media Holds moisture in the skin and participates in processes to help stabilize collagen-elastin skin frame.

How to apply: heat out in the palms and distribute the pillows of the fingers on the orbital bone with light pattering movements.

Multicorates Face Cream Super Multi-Corrective Cream

Its obligations include fighting with all visible age-related changes. He does it like this:

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increases elasticity and elasticity;

pulls up the skin and adjusts the contours of the face;

In the Formula, the Formula:

Jasmonic acid stimulates the update of the cells, lines the texture of the skin, gives elasticity, smoothes small wrinkles;

Buka extract gives elasticity;

Hyaluronic acid Holds a large amount of water, thanks to which wrinkles are smoothed.

Does not contain parabens, fragrances. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Whipped body cream with flavor of soy milk and honey Creme de Corps Whipped Body Butter Soy Milk & Honey

Thanks to the magnificent texture of whipped cream, aroma of honey and ability to perfectly moisturize and soften the skin of the body of this cream a lot of fans.

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