The kid is afraid to communicate: what to do?

There are children who love society, with any child and adults find a common language. But there are also such kids who are shy or afraid to communicate. What to do in this case? How to teach a child not to be afraid of communication?

Causes of such behavior

First you need to determine: why the child is afraid? It happens that the child is shy from nature, and it is not necessary that he is afraid of other children. Just baby need time to look at, find yourself a friend of games or wait until another child comes. Or the child does not like a noisy society, but prefers to play with one friend.

But it happens so that the baby is really afraid to communicate. Why is this happening? Perhaps parents themselves do not like and do not know how to communicate, and the child takes an example with them. Or parents are too authoritarous and do not give the child to show their desires and independence. And maybe earlier someone offended the baby, and now the child is afraid that the situation does not happen.

Each child requires an individual approach. The main thing is to understand what is the matter, carefully looking at the child.

How to help?

First of all, it is necessary to be very patient, loving, understanding and acting delicately. No need to force a child to communicate and play, convince that everyone is playing and he should do it.

If shyness is a natural character trait, it is worth accepting it. Of course, you can slightly correct the behavior of the baby, giving him confidence. But completely change the character will not succeed. Should convince the child that he is the best and most beloved. How to do it? Each mother knows his baby, so it will be able to pick up the words that will accurately help the crumb. In addition, you can help start the game or communication. For example, Mom can start the game with another baby, for sure and a shy child in a couple of minutes will turn on the game.

If the child has become a malfunction because of some nuances in education, you need to gain strength and change your principles. For example, give the child more independence and encourage it. But, of course, if the kid does something categorically wrong, explain that it is not necessary to do so and why (and not just ban).

If the child does not know how to communicate, as parents do not like communication too much, it is also worth changing the behavior. It is worth more often to meet with friends, relatives. The kid will see how to behave, on the parental example. Even if the parents do not like the company very much, for the sake of a child stands on time to change the tactics. After a while, the child learn to communicate.

If the baby is really afraid, it is worth disassembling the situation. Need to explain what happens all. Someone can offend, but it does not mean that all children are bad. Yes, and the offender, perhaps I didn’t want to do bad, maybe everything came out by chance or he already understood what was wrong. If the child is still afraid, you can try to draw your fears. For example, an evil dog runs behind the abundance. It will help to cope with offend and fear. If no ways do not help, it is better to turn to a psychologist.

Prevent the situation

To make a child with a harmoniously developed personality, you need to prevent possible problems in advance. That is, the baby can be able to communicate, you need to walk on the courts where children play or attend children’s centers, developing classes. If parents see that the kid is afraid to approach other children, to do it with him – push him to communicate, show how to do. But at the same time not to insist.

Kid is afraid to communicate what to do

If you can see that conflict begins to arise, it is worth warning it. It is necessary to show the child that from any situation you can get out without aggression and cruelty. Play toy in turn or exchange toys. That is, you can agree.

If problems still have arisen, it is worth making a bite a strict remark, to offer a baby to choose another friend for games. Or, if the child wants to river children. In any case, it is necessary to calm the child, let him feel that parents are always on his side. Baby must feel confident.


And also: you can not focus on the problem, you should not talk about it with others, especially when child. All this is only preventing the baby and adds to him complexes. It is dangerous to give an assessment of his behavior, hang labels when it comes to fear of communication.

In no case can not condemn the child. On the contrary, you need to support the baby, show that parents will help in any situation, and that they will always love him. Do not push the child to communicate, it will only aggravate the situation. It is necessary to help imperceptible ways.

Very important, raising the child’s self-esteem, not to speak badly about other children. On the contrary, it is worth telling that children are kind and good. It will help the baby do not be afraid of other guys and with great desire to play with them.

In any case, it is important to act very neat. An individual approach is needed to each child. But any child wants to feel loved and protected, and this is in the power of parents.

Kid is afraid to communicate what to do

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