Juice Diet – Delicious and Nourishing Slimming

Losing weight – it is always a difficult task. However, with the help of juices, you can conduct detoxification of the body, bring the work of the organs in order, reset the overweight and in general to improve. Find your own swimming mode for slimming and bring in order of the body and you will see it works.

Advantages of a juice diet

We live in the world of fast food, and people who prepare food at home do this rather as a routine, rather than pleasure. In the end, an overweight is gained, because with any convenient opportunity, we stop at the point of sale of fast food and snack, replacing it a full breakfast, lunch and dinner. These snacks are snacks: 10 tips How to get rid of habits all the time something chewing, which seem insignificant, as a result add a few unnecessary kilograms. Even an ordinary calorie hamburger can exceed lunch – there is nothing surprising in the weight set. Someone can calm themselves the fact that the meat that is contained in it is a source of protein, but in addition there is a lot of others, now there are already harmful factors that affect health.

Floor diets are very popular, useful for health and weight loss, because with the help of one glass of juice, you can saturate the body with essential nutrients. The juice diet is that a person ceases to consume all the "garbage", which he got used to feed his body, replacing it with juice containing simple sugar and low carbohydrate carbohydrates . When moving to the juice diet, the following changes occur in the body:

  • tide of energy;
  • skin cleansing;
  • exemption from toxins;
  • establishing the operation of the digestive tract;
  • Improving health in general.

The classic version of the juice diet displays toxins for seven days. Such a diet can last to thirty days, but it must pass under the supervision of the doctor.

Juice Diet - Delicious and Nourishing Slimming

Recipes of a juice diet

Recipes for a juice diet can be independently based on their own tastes. Mixing different juices you eventually learn how to determine which juices you are more suitable for which benefits they bring. But you can rely on the proposed recipes, choosing what more to taste.

  • Morning charge of cheerfulness: Half of the medium grapefruit, two medium apples without seeds, a few twigs of Italian parsley, half of the grapes without seeds.
  • Hungry Quickness: Four Medium Carrots, Two Celery Stems, Parsley Bunch, Four Spinach Sheet, Some Sauce Tobasco.
  • To fill the stomach: one small cucumber with peel and seeds, three celery stems with leaves, one middle apple without seeds, two tablespoons of protein powder odorless.
  • Morning smoothie: two large oranges, one medium grapefruit without partitions, six strawberry berries, half banana, two tablespoons of protein powder odorless, a quarter cup of ice.
  • Sweet mixture: two cups of watermelon pulp, two cups of honey nectar, two cups of melt melon, 3 cm of purified ginger root.
  • Strawberry Fresh: Half Cups of Strawberry Berries, Cup of Fresh Orange Juice, Lemon Half Juice.
  • Carrot slimming: Four big carrots, two celery stems with leaves, one average green apple, handful of spinach leaves, several twigs parsley, lemon or lime juice.
  • Waist juice: five carrots, one red apple, one small cucumber, one beet (fresh, kneading, peeled), one celery stem, a bit of ginger to taste.
  • For the thickening of hunger: four big carrots, three sprigs of parsley, one small cucumber, two apples Granni.

Currently, a large number of juicers and blenders suitable for home use are represented on the market. But when buying, try to choose those that can easily cope with the peel and seeds.

When you decide to sit on the juice diet, pay attention to the quality of vegetables and fruits that should not be oversaturated by pesticides. If you believe that juices will not be able to satisfy the needs of the body in protein, add protein powder in the mixture.

Effect of juice diet

There are many reasons that make a juice diet suitable for any person as a way to lose weight. Fruits and vegetables are not oversaturated with carbohydrates, but rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which are easily absorbed by the body, are transformed into energy, and the excess amount is not postponed in the form of fat, as it happens with high-body food and "fast" sugars. Most of the vegetables and fruits are low-calories, have a low level of cholesterol and help it easily quench hunger.

When you decide to follow a juice diet, remember that some juices definitely affect the body.

If you want to lose weight, drink two big glasses of juice instead of breakfast and lunch, accompanying their well-balanced food during dinner.

Try to drink juice in the morning and at lunchtime when the body is especially needed.

Juice mix that contains carrot juice and juice parsley will help to cope with appetite and maintain the normal blood sugar level.

Melon and cucumber juice – natural diuretics Natural diuretics that will help reduce the amount of fluid in tissues, avoiding swelling.

Remember that many vegetables and fruits peel and the seeds are rich in nutrients.

Juice Diet - Delicious and Nourishing Slimming

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