Is it possible to play sports during pregnancy

It seems that pregnancy and sports are two incompatible concepts. But what to do in the event that the woman was engaged in sports and throw a favorite thing is not going to? After all, as you know, the lack of movement during pregnancy is even contraindicated. So is it possible to play sports? Learn from this article.

Is it possible to play sports during pregnancy?

If you think the doctors will definitely against sports, it is not quite so. True unambiguous answer to get you hardly get. As a rule, everyone converge on the fact that if sports activities are for pregnant familiar to the case, then it can continue them, slightly reducing the load. If you have not yet engaged in anything like that, pregnancy is not at all that time when you should start. Need to wait until better times.

On the other hand, if we are talking about the health or conservation of a good form, then you can walk more on foot (not to run) or engage in special fitness for pregnant women.

Good results can be achieved with the possession in the swimming pool – swimming, aquaerobics for pregnant women. If you have a suitable group nearby – then be sure to sign there.

You can pregnant in sports?

If we are talking about more serious sports activities, they can be continued only to those women who have already had some experience in this regard.

Attention! There are sports, categorically contraindicated future mothers. First of all, it is diving and jumping with tower, parachute, basketball, volleyball, hockey, female boxing, equestrian and cycling.

By the way, you can not give up from trips to bike. It is important to exclude the moment of competitions and training. You can ride for even coating, not in a slide and not from the slide, neatly and leisurely.

In general, it should be borne in mind that sports during pregnancy should completely eliminate any likelihood of falling or injury. So, you can continue to engage in tennis, figure skating or running skiing, but at the same time significantly reduce the load and comply with maximum caution. If you can properly distribute the load, then you can continue to run running. And what will bring considerable benefits, so this swimming, which pregnant women helps to prepare perfectly well for future birth. Of course, in the event that there are no medical contraindications.

Sports for pregnant women: benefit and contraindications

What sports do pregnant?

Is it possible to play sports during pregnancy
  1. Pregnant women can be engaged in yoga or smooth shaping, stretching or plastic gymnasts. Tennis and flat skis can be continued to engage in the whole first half of pregnancy, provided if you slightly reduce the physical exertion.
  2. It is impossible to overestimate the useful impact on pregnant women’s sport as swimming. It is absolutely safe in your current position, while swimming uses almost all available muscle groups, preparing them for future birth. Of course, all classes should be held in the pool under the guidance of an experienced and attentive instructor.
  3. The pregnant women who adhered to active sports activities, in the first three months you can save your lifestyle. As for the second trimester – then there will be a lot to depend on your personal well-being, and to the third trimester it will be necessary to reduce or completely remove the load on the muscles of the peritoneum and press.

Sports benefits during pregnancy

  1. Regular exercise and sports help help significantly increase the possibilities of your body in physically, stabilize the emotional background and make it more sustainable.
  2. The operation of all organism systems, in particular – cardiovascular and nervous, and also – respiratory and digestion systems improve.
  3. Sports in pregnancy significantly improve the metabolism, which means that your baby will get more oxygen and the necessary "building material" for its development.
  4. Sport classes help pregnant to strengthen the muscular corset and spine, and this means that it will be much easier for you to transfer your current state.
  5. Trained muscles will help you to restore your figure after childbirth.

Why pregnant women can not be playing sports?

Before continuing sports during pregnancy, or even more so, to start them, you must consult with a observatory doctor. And if he does not give permission to sports, it is impossible to ignore his warnings and hope that everything will be done by itself. Classes of active physical exertion are contraindicated in pregnant women in cases:

  • Blood discharge from the vagina and even more – bleeding
  • Tone of the uterus;
  • The threat of abortion;
  • Strong manifestations of toxicosis;
  • Toxicosis of the second half of pregnancy;
  • Chronic diseases that are in the stages of exacerbation;
  • Infectious and inflammatory diseases – influenza, ORVI;
  • Heart disease and vessels;
  • Kidney diseases;
  • Endocrine diseases.

In all these cases, pregnant women should stop playing sports and address the problem.

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