How to make day makeup

Every woman looks amazing. At the same time, it is important that "shock", which you arouse with your beauty, was with a "plus" sign, and for this every detail of the appearance should be appropriate. Beautiful and successful hopes that you will never come to mind to appear on a weekday afternoon in an elegant evening dress. The same applies to "face clothes" – makeup. His relevance speaks of a good taste of women, and it is very important to understand the differences between Maik-Apo Evening and Day. How to make a day makeup correctly and will be discussed.

In the article we included a few videos on a light daily makeup. If you read the description for you tedious, then see how the leading makeup artists are managed with their persons &# 8212; And I understand everything &# 128521;

Right Day Makeup: Features


In the daylight, the face should look naturally. Deliberately thick arrows, too thick shadows, bright blush and other too sharp accents that can look perfectly with dim evening lighting, day will look rude and deliberately. In order not to make a mistake with the selection of cosmetics, remember that it is possible to correctly make day makeup only with such lighting, in which you will "wear" it – T.E. With daylight.

Selection of color gamma

The main thing in day makeup – moderation. When applied, give preference to the tones close to natural. The tonal agent is the same shade as your skin; Shadows – pastel gamut, muted, more reminiscent of the hint of color, haze; Rushane – Non-Lace Tones, Peach Color – Winning Option.


In day makeup, attention should attract either eyes or lips. If you choose the last one, you can use red lipstick, but not screaming color, but more muted, berry or wine shades. If you want to emphasize the eyes, then for the eyeliner, choose a pencil: its line is not as bright and clear, like a liquid product or ayliner, it can be growing and make it more natural. Black color arrows Leave for evening exit. Use more calm eyeliner tones: gray, brown, gray-blue. Mascara is also better than similar shades.

How to apply day makeup

Before applying cosmetics necessarily Clean the face. In the morning, by the way, it is also necessary, as in the evening.

Before making day makeup, moisturize the skin to Tonal base lay down to a smooth layer, and then proceed to toning. Better to apply a wet sponge or a wide brush for makeup. Do not forget to pay special attention to the hair growth zone and neck – the boundary of the tone should not be noticeable.

Apply to the zone under the eyes Consiller, Slightly adjust the face shape to tone to tone darker of your natural skin color. Do not forget to carefully grow borders. If necessary, use the proofer to disguise the visible shortcomings.

How to make day makeup

Secure the tonal base crumbly powdered. When applied, use a soft round brush, in no case is it not a sponge. Powder should create a practically weightless fler.

To pay attention Brows: They make the face expressive and attract attention to the eyes. To refresh their color slightly, use the mascara or pencil corresponding to the shade of your hair or if you are a bright blonde – on one or two tons darker. If the color of your eyebrows does not need correction, you can use transparent ink, and then comb your brushes eyebrows – such a procedure will give them a neat, well-kept species.

The arrow should look more like a hint than a clear line. You can apply a delicate line only on the upper eyelid, and on the bottom only slightly accentuate the outer corner of the eye. Using a pencil, do not forget about the decisive.

If you want to make an easy day eye makeup, a successful option will be arrows applied with shadows. Wet slightly very thin flat brush, dry it in the shade and draw the line in the eyelid.

Sympaty.Net will tell how to make a beautiful day makeup using White color. Put a bright point in the inner corner of the eye and grow well. You can bring in a white pencil and the lower eyelid, causing a line over the growth of eyelashes – it will make the look more open and bright, visually will increase your eyes and give the image a freshness.

Shadow For day yield it is better to use natural, natural tones: light beige, milk-white, natural pink. Stress the outer corner of the eye with a darker tone: brown, gray. If you want to add colors, let it be only a hint of it.

Carefully cover eyelashes Casch, Following that there were no lumps and merging hairs – in the daylight they are especially noticeable.

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