How to keep weight after diet

The absolute majority of the population resorted to various diet, according to the latest research. And, "to hang out" for them was a little. Those who achieved the result face another problem – weight returns, and much faster than was lost, and sometimes you have to face and what "returned" a couple more kilogram more. Therefore, the question is how not to gain weight after the diet, is no less important than how to reset a few superfluous kilos.

How not to gain weight after diet

First of all, choose the "right" system, that is, a diet. Those who wish to lose weight quickly, here is waiting for disappointment. You can only get a steady result in case you lose no more kilogram per week. After all, only in this case "loss" is due to the splitting of fats. Quickly we lose weight when we lose liquid and proteins. Like this, the result that was received, does not match expectations. In addition, such gentle diets are transferred much easier, and in a month they will not have to repeat everything or completely disappoin itself and wave a hand on this matter.

Which system will allow you to keep weight after diet

1. Discard the diet if it contains less than one and a half thousand calories per day. Only so you provide your body with sufficient substances and sufficient energy. Otherwise, returning to the usual system, return and kilograms. The body will start stocking "Incretion", debugging fat and not recover after the diet, will be the task not to execute.

2. To keep weight after diet, give up those that contain too many prohibitions. You do not need to give up some products at all. Of course, during the period of diet, you need to control my desires, but at the same time take into account their. Reficuring today in a small piece of chocolate, tomorrow risks eat a whole tile. In addition, choosing a power system, consider your own preferences in food.

3. Choose a diet, which includes a variety of ingredients not to recover after diet. Mountains will become a huge mistake. You must receive all the necessary organism elements and substances. So, there must be fruits, vegetables, proteins and even fats in small quantities.

4. It is much easier to keep the weight after the diet if you are familiar with you. Also, do not stop the choice on "exotic" versions. Diet, this is a kind of lifestyle and radically change them is not worth it during neither after it.

5. Sharp decrease in the number of food, not the best choice so as not to gain weight after diet. Significantly reduce not the amount of food, but its calorie. Otherwise, very soon "break down" and you will dine even more denser than usual. For those who replace the concept of "diet" with the concept of "starvation" this problem is even more relevant. In no case cannot be refused because it will be obtained only by the short-term effect, and the harm to health can be applied by irreparable.

6. Do not hope for "magic" pills and powders. Spend money, for example, at the gym. The fact is that there are no drugs that allow you to eat the same way, but at the same time not just not to fully, but lose a kilogram per kilogram, there is no and can not. There are those that reduce appetite, but this result is associated with side effects, that is, you are just etched.

7. By the way, about the gym. The right approach to the slimming process is not only a restriction of oneself in food, but also constant physical exertion. If there is no time on the pool or training time, walk at least a couple of stops from work, give up the elevator, this is the most effective way to recover after the diet.

Do not gain weight after diet: Rules

Relatively require such rules. To keep yourself in shape:

How to keep weight after diet

• Stick mode as nutrition and day. If you teach yourself to sit at the table, and it is precisely sitting at the table, and not to eat at a computer at a certain time, and in the morning or in the evening, to go to bed in time, you are already halfway to success.

• Avoid stress, this is the most common cause of overs. By the way, physical activity and a full-fledged rest of the reliable shield from nervas and fears.

• Find yourself a sport and make these classes system. If you do on your own, you’re not able to go, it’s time to run into the gym. Collective classes are much more interesting, and the coach will definitely not give a descent.

• Replace fat and high-calorie products. Find interesting and delicious recipes. The taste of salad from boiled fish with vegetables is much more interesting than the taste of sandwich with salami, try.

• Refuse sweet drinks, including tea and coffee with sugar. A few cups of coffee, a bottle of sweet soda at work, tea before bedtime is already several sugar spoons. Many you know people who have saved their weight, drinking sugar with spoals?

• Drink more water. Without gas, without sugar, at least two liters per day. Be sure to drink a glass of water waking up and in a glass before each meal of food (min. for 20).

• Arrange "unloading days". Be sure after the holidays, and constantly at least twice a month.

How to keep weight after diet

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