How to get rid of envy?

Women’s website &# 171; beautiful and successful&# 187; today will tell a few ways to struggle with "black" feeling – envy. It can manifest itself as in the form of a sudden light, but painful "injection" and in the form of sleepless nights spent in thought, why they have "all this", and you do not have. What kind of injustice is? Let’s try to deal with the reasons for this "green monster" and answer the question, how to get rid of envy.

Do not envy – this is not only one of the fundamental commandments, but also a chance longer and healthier to live.

From stable and inclusive envy Neurosis and depression may develop. And from your negative actions (rumors, gossip, "sticks in the wheels", resentment and humiliation, malice and hatred) – to suffer the people in which this feeling.

Experts believe that during the attacks of envy in the human brain, sites are intensified that are responsible for physical pain. That is why envy causes so much suffering.

It is necessary to get rid of envy while this feeling has not turned into Destructive emotion, Solving its own, sometimes quite happy, the world of envious.

Where does envy come from

  • Because of Permanent comparison his own and someone else’s life or success is the first step towards the sense of inferiority;
  • Due to feelings dissatisfaction and its achievements;
  • How to get rid of envy
  • From Pity surrounding. If someone constantly regrets that you, for example, "still not married", soon you will begin to experience envy to those who have already managed to acquire family;
  • Laziness is the best friend of envy. An active person who does not spare forces to achieve his goal is not able to envy (besides, he simply does not have time), he firmly believes that he will have exactly the same, and even better.
  • Because of Vanity, which makes you consider yourself a priori in everything much better than others. In this case, get rid of the constant envy to the one who also has what you have, much more difficult.

It is worth knowing that the feeling of envy in one way or another in different moments of life Test everything, even the most kind and disinterested people, as well as those that say they never envy.

On the one hand, it is almost natural, on the other, it is necessary to deal with this feeling at least to improve your own psychological (and physical) well-being.

Realizing and analyzing the reasons for the appearance of your personal "Golding Worm", you can understand that in order to get rid of envy, need hard to work.

While the worm did not turn into a huge fire drying dragon burning everything in his path.

Several techniques help get rid of envy

  1. Laying your personal qualities, circumstances or even individual things, which you too can envy. It perfectly and quickly helps with outbreaks of the so-called situational envy. Let someone earn a husband well, but you have a beloved man caring and always ready to protect (Sympaty.NET, for example, you already jealous &# 128578; ).
  2. Understand the uselessness of this feeling – from a strong envy you will not have what you envy you. To do this, it is better to start some More productive actionI am.
  3. To get rid of a strong envy, consider the subject of your personal "green gown" as tool to achieve the goal. If someone (on envy) dear and a chic car, remember that this is just a means of movement, and your modest machine is quite good with it.
  4. Finding what you envy, minuses. Let’s say your friend – Successful director of the company. But how much work, health and free time she spends on it? You have the usual and not so paid work, but you can dedicate more time to rest, family or hobby. Who of you should envy?
  5. Envy – a great marker what you need in life. Analyze what exactly you most often envy, And do everything to achieve the same.
  6. Think well about the envy – is it necessary for you, or you envy the lucky state of the person possessing? Perhaps the same absolute happiness in your case can be achieved in other ways?
  7. Helping to those who need your help – it will strengthen your faith in what you may have not achieved what others have, but You live not in vain.
  8. Try Sincerely glad for a person who envy, and then believe that if he could achieve it, then you will also get!

If you finally get rid of envy, I will make it Work on yourself, let it turn from black to white and becomes yours Strong incentive To achieve success!

How to get rid of envy

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