How to clean the pores from black dots? 5 funds to help

B elaptic black dots on face? Do not worry – Comedones may appear from any, but this does not mean that it is useless to deal with them. Daily cleansing and proper care will help reduce their appearance.

BeautyHack tells how to clean the pores from black dots, and what means will help get rid of them at home.

What is a black point?

Pores – Little holes of the output ducts of swelling glands on the surface of the skin of a person who are due to dirt, excess fat, cosmetics or dead skin cells are often blocked. As a result, a dense tube is formed, which under the influence of oxygen is oxidized and turns into a black point.

In cosmetology, a black point is called an open comedon, which means that such a plug can get out. Most often, this type of acne rash appears in the area of ​​the nose, cheek or chin – in places where the pores are slightly more expanded and sweat glands work more active.

Causes of black points

Black dots and extended pores on the face most often found at the owners of oily and combined skin – The active generation of sebum is clogged by pores, but with improper care, the comedone may also appear in representatives of dry skin type. Dermatokostologist Victoria Goncharuk told about the comedona – here .

Incorrect nutrition. One of the most common reasons for the appearance of black dots – Incorrect diet (about what products the skin condition is improving, read here). The abuse of fast carbohydrates, such as fast food, flour and sweet, leads to undesirable rashes on the face and formation of comedones, as well as problems with digestion.

Wrong face care. Perhaps the reason for the appearance of black points lies in the negative impact of environmental factors, poor cleaning of the face or improper make-up removal (about means that carefully and effectively remove makeup, read the link). Prevent the appearance of comedones will help properly selected skin care products.

Hormonal background. Changing the hormonal background may often be accompanied by reinforced skin production, which often leads to closure.

How to clean the pores at home?

Nowadays there are many ways to remove black dots at home. But, whatever option you choose, the stages of the procedures do not change: to begin with, it is necessary to remove all makeup, after which it was washed with a special tool, and then unpack the face with a warm towel or steam from the shower to expand the pores and better clean them from pollution.

Cosmetical tools. Beauty industry does not stand still, so most cosmetic brands produce funds that purify and narrow pores. Many of them are suitable for daily use (experts are chosen for pore cleansing agents, you will find out here).

How to clean the pores from black dots 5 funds to help

Homemade recipes. Using homemade scrubs and masks, you can achieve an equally impressive result, and the preparation of such funds will not take much time.

The most common and efficient mask is prepared from milk and gelatin. In 100 ml. Milk pour two spoons gelatin and leave a mixture for 20 minutes. As soon as the gelatin will swell, melted the tank in the water bath until the grains. Finishing a mask apply on your face in two layers – The second layer apply only after the first layer dries. On problem areas, apply a mask with a more dense layer. Leave it for 30 minutes and try to completely relax my face at this time, do not laugh and do not talk. Delicious mask gently remove and enjoy the effect.

Clay masks also enjoy great popularity – The result after their use does not cause itself to wait. To prepare a clay mask that will clean the pores from black dots, you will need: 1 tablespoon of cosmetic clay and 1 tablespoon of apple vinegar. Now simply mix the ingredients with each other to a homogeneous mass and apply a mask on a slightly wet face skin with a smooth layer. Wait 10 minutes, and then rinse a little warm water. Complete the procedure for applying a moisturizing cream.

Prepare a scrub to face from sea salt, low-fat kefir or yogurt – Such a means can cope with black dots and eels, if you repeat the exfoliation procedure several times a week. Apply it to the skin of the face with brush and slightly massaging the nose, cheeks and chin for five minutes. After leave the scrub on the face another 10 minutes, and then wash.

Lotion from cucumber and lemon juice will cleanse the skin and help prevent the appearance of comedones. Also such lotion is effectively fighting with the already appeared black dots and pleasantly refreshes the skin of the face. Wipe the face with such a means daily for a month, and keep home lotion better in the refrigerator.

The narrowing of the pores and to improve the skin will help the usual ice cube – Wipe your face every day in the morning or in the evening. For the healing effect, you can make ice cubes from brave of herbs, such as chamomile or a series.

And remember that the best way to get rid of the problem – prevent its appearance, so do not forget to carefully care for the skin in the morning and in the evening, as well as follow the drinking mode and, if possible, touch your face.

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