How to clean nails from dirt: 6 effective ways

We share the most effective options and advice on care so that you do not have to resort to these measures.

Even if you just come out of the house, it is already forced to touch with a lot of dirty surfaces. Dirt and microbes pursue us and at home, especially when you are engaged in household (or in summer, working in the garden). Any dust and small waste fall under nails. We tell how to remove the dirt from under the nails, so that the hands look again well and attractive.

How to clean the dirt under the nails quickly: 5 simple ways

Best of all organic particles are removed using a strong water pressure. It helps get rid of dirt even if the nail plate is laughing. Strong streams of water with soap or other cleaning agent remove dirt in a few minutes. Enjoyable with useful:

  1. intake dishes;
  2. Put underwear with hands;
  3. Favorite bath;
  4. take a shower;
  5. wash your hair.

1 Clean the orange stick

This is a special manicure wand with one pointed and one flat end made of orange wood wood. It has antiseptic properties, which is very important for high-quality manicure. It is sold in a set in any cosmetic store. It can be replaced with a metal flusher or another manicure tool with a pointed edge. But do not use toothpicks or sharp scissors instead, you can hurt.

Lifting hands, lay the edge of the sticks under the nail from one corner until you feel resistance. Spend a sharp end from one corner to another, removing the remnants. Disinfection wand and repeat the procedure with each nail until the hands are clean.

2 brushes

If the remnants under the nails are soft enough, use a special manicure brush. If you don’t have it, the usual new tooth with soft bristles is suitable. Prepare a soap solution, lower the brush into it and read each nail separately, repeating the movement from side to the side.

Deeply emerged particles are removed by faster movements, pressing the brush slightly tight. After cleaning each plate, the brush is again pushed again, and then do the same with the next finger.

Next, the remnants of dirt are cleaned from under four nails at the same time and separately from under the thumb plate. At the end you can clean the outside.

3 withdraw pollution by hand baths

A good way to get rid of dirt under the nails in the event that she "lit up" enough deeply or nails lay down (you can not remove the length). They are not only cleaning the surface, but also strengthen the plates, improving the appearance.


In 200 ml of hot water solvent 0.5 tablespoons of soda and lower the fingers into the solution for 10 minutes.

Soda + milk

Hears 200 ml of milk, add to it 3 tablespoons of chips from the household soap, 200 ml of boiling water and 1 tablespoon of soda. Her fingers 15 minutes.


In equal proportions, mix liquid soap, sugar sand and hot milk. Lower your hands into a solution by a quarter of an hour, and then a variety of remnants of warm water.

How to clean nails from dirt 6 effective ways


In 1 liter of water Mix 1 tablespoon of starch powder and bringing a solution to a boil. When he cool down a little, put the fingers in the resulting composition by a quarter of an hour.


Slightly heated products (kefir, yard or ion) contain a large amount of milk acids that are fine with any contamination. Just heats one of the products up to 50 degrees and lower the fingers for 10 minutes.

For the most severe cases

If nothing helps rub sophisticated contaminants, use the following composition. In 3 tablespoons of boiling water add as much gel for the shower, 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide and 20 ml of ammonia alcohol. Put your fingers into the mixture for 5 minutes, and then a variety of residues with water.

IMPORTANT: Before using it, you will be able to make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction to the ammonia, producing a test on a small area of ‚Äč‚Äčleather.

4 Cleaning lemon

When the dirt is clogged too deeply or entrusted to the surface too much, it becomes much more difficult to get rid of it, and then it is no longer a simple shower. Lemon juice will help not only solve the problem, but also bleach and strengthen the plate. Issue a little liquid, Moch cotton disk and carefully process the problem zone.

You can do it even easier: cut lemon in half and immerse your fingers for 10 minutes in the flesh or just a dill and turn along the nail from one corner to another, tightly pressed. This means helps to get rid of the dirt on the fingers after work in the ground. Limonic acid can be used, dissolving 25 g of powder in 150 ml of warm water.

IMPORTANT: After processing hands, the acids necessarily affect them with a moisturizing cream with vitamin E.

6 How to clean your nails from dirt: hydrogen peroxide

Take a medical solution and pour 1-2 drops for each nail, cut out a couple of minutes, then a wath disk or cotton wand with a makeup and "pass" every nail.

Alternatively, chlorhexidine or any other transparent pharmacy solution with antibacterial and disinfecting properties can be used as an alternative.

7 Complex cleaning

The most effective way how to clean nails from dirt, — make a complex whitening.

  1. Issue a small amount of bleaching toothpaste and distributed over plates.
  2. Sodium brushes nail plate so that the tooth paste is evenly distributed over the tips of the fingers and under the nails.
  3. Leave for 2-3 minutes, and then with a warm water.
  4. Issue 1-2 lemons juice and lower the tips of the fingers for 5 minutes, and then rub in clear warm water
  5. Prepare a soda bath, mixing in 250 ml of water 2 tablespoons of food soda powder.
  6. After 10-15 minutes, see all the remnants under strong pressure of warm water.
  7. Apply a moisturizing cream, and nails lubricate with cosmetic oil (coconut, almond or peach).

6 care tips

Even knowing how to clean the dirt from under the nails, it is better to prevent her appearance at all. To hands always be beautiful and well-groomed, do not neglect simple advice.

How to clean nails from dirt 6 effective ways

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