How to choose the skirt to the figure

Skirt proportions must be harmonized with body proportions. And it determines only the ratio between the dimensions of different parts of the body: the ratio of the length of the body (short / long) and the legs, and the ratio of the width of the chest and the hips, shoulders and waist. Therefore, you should not buy a skirt just because she is well sitting on your girlfriend, it does not mean that it will come and you.

Only who can wear any skirts – These are the owners of a proportional figure (the waist is well pronounced and is located in the middle between the shoulders and buttocks, and the hips are approximately the same width with shoulders). For all other women we give Several rules By selection of skirts.

Rule first. First of all, skirts need to be chosen under its type of shape.

Type figures «Triangle» have broad shoulders, narrow waist and narrow thighs. Not rarely girls of this type have a long body. For such a figure, the skirt must emphasize the waist, make it visually above, add thighs and lengthen the legs.

Such women are best suitable for skirts a-silhouette, sun, half-fiber, tulip skirt, deep open folds from the waist and pile.

Do not wear mini skirts, as they are even more shortening legs.

Type figures «Rectangle» Possess narrow shoulders, narrow waist and narrow thighs. Not rarely girls of this type of sutal. For such a figure, the skirt must focus on the waist and highlight the hips, give the volume and relief.

Thin women with beautiful legs are best suited for short skirts with pockets, belts and coquettes on the hips.

Full women are most suitable skirts, slightly expanding books, with vertical, diagonal, or divergent lines.

Girls with a figure of medium proportions you can wear skirts tight, skirts without a belt and skirts with longitudinal seams.

Do not wear too lush skirts, as they are unprofitable to emphasize Herbu. And in skirts from a thin knitwear, the covered figure can look inestic.

Type figures «Hourglass» possess normal shoulders, narrow waist, wide hips. For such a figure, the skirt must repeat the shape of the curved hips.

Such women are best suited direct and narrow skirts, skirts with a low waist, skirts, trousers, long skirts with an elastic belt and skirts-bell.

Low Growth women are most suitable for knee skirts. However, you should not wear wide or maxi skirts.

You should not choose the skirts of too fitting styles, strongly curved and skirts of dense and hard tissues, as they will launcher your figure.

Type figures «Inverted triangle» have narrow shoulders, narrow waist and wide hips. For such a figure, the most important thing is that the waist line is not too tightened.

Such women are best suited for skirts, skirts-trapezoids, skirts from wedges or longline.

No need to choose wide belts, short skirts and tulip skirts.

Type figures «Trapeze» possess a narrow waist, wide hips and round buttocks.

Such women are best suited, elongated skirts, skirts in a fold and slaughtered skirts with a low waist. Well look skirts with swans on the head and longitudinal seams.

No need to wear short skirts in a fold, a mini and midi skirts, Plistes and Tales from the waist.

Rule second. Skirts should select the desired length

How to choose the skirt to the figure

Long skirts are suitable for everyone in independence from the type of figure and growth. But you should not wear such skirts daily, it will be best if you choose a stylish, not a strict long skirt

Midi skirts are most suitable for high girls.

Mini skirts best go to girls with low or medium height.

Rule third. Skirts need to buy a certain color

For women S «Rectangular» The figure is suitable for bright shades skirts, with patterns or cells.

For women with a figure «Inverted» The triangle will suit the skirts of motley color, with a pattern or geometric shapes.

For women with a figure «Hourglass» Skirts of bright shades with horizontal or large pattern are suitable. But you need to avoid skirts with clear patterns of type bright strips, cells and geometric motifs.

For women with a figure «Trapeze» Skirts with longitudinal stripes are suitable.

But the main thing is that your skirt has harmonized with the rest of the style of style and color scheme.

Rule fourth. Choose skirts under your age

The fact is that short skirts look good only on young girls. And on women older ages, medium and long skirts are better than strict, restrained styles and colors.

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