How to choose the clock for your home?

In modern homes, the clock performs other functions than before. They are not just needed to measure time. Modern clock – fashionable stylish interior accessory, able to revive any room in the apartment, ranging from the kitchen and finishing the bathroom.

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To decide on the choice and understand what the clock will be the big interior, it is worth paying attention to the type of hours. They are byvutnapole, wall or desktop.

Grandfather Clock

The very first hours that manifested themselves in the world – outdoor.They appeared in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in Europe. Such clocks protruded by a lot of luxury and pride: as a rule, they were located on the open mark so that everyone can appreciate them to dignity. About the owner’s taste hours sent to their location. And about incoming – the material, from which they were made. The clock was inherited by their sons and daughters, so in the age of the clock it was possible to know the age of the genus.

The very first hours appeared in the distant seventeenth century of conversion, thanks to Peter the first. He brought them with him from Holland, the posture was given to his adherents.

If you are firmly tuned to the purchase of wall clock, pay attention to three factors: what space is available, disabled room, and what is the interior style. Basically such hours) and there are a lot of space in your apartment.

Best of all, such hours will come down in a country cottage or apartment with a large square. Outside premises watches will look ugly, from what to create full grip. Plus to everything, the whole furniture located inside will be a magical clock ringing.

To date, outdoor hours – signs and constancy. Models made in the classic version of the dark shade of the woods to emphasize the elegance of the interior. If you want to arrange the clock near the modern interior – pay attention to those models that performed the cutting of glass or other non-standard materials.

Wall clock

Due to the fact that these models are very simply attached and unlose a lot of space, they can be used everywhere. You can decorate an imnet room and any interior. Even if the area of ​​the apartment is small, the sleeping clock will not have problems. They easily dream of a sort of corner.

Wall watches can be hung everywhere – in the kitchen, in the bedroom, VcRidore, in a children’s and even bathroom. Besides the fact that they are very compact, they have another, important advantage. The clock addresses fashion trends and follow her, no lag behind. Designer love to experiment with such a clock, constantly changing their color and foreignwide.

The main thing is that you need to consider when choosing and buying wall-beds – room design. To create a mustache, you can purchase classic models that are made of wood.If you need to emphasize non-standard design, you can buy a plastic watch, glass and even steel. Such materials perfectly fit into the High Tech style.

Before starting the decoration of the bedroom, you should follow the taste addiction of the owner. Those who love all new and modern will expire to new technologies, will come up with a watch with an electronic display.Athletes can be surprised by placing a model resembling a sports chronograph.

Kitchen watches are distinguished by a variety of design, in which natural notes are prohibited – flowers, plants, etc.NS. Clock in the kitchen-consistent part of everyone, respecting the owner of the apartment.

How to choose the clock for your home

No need to consume the right installation of wall-beds. With the right approach, they will be able to serve much longer. Remember twisted rules:

First, the clock is recommended to hang on significant production from the entrance door. Permanent wrames and opening of the door will lead to enough tangible vibrations that in the preservation will affect the course of hours.

Secondly, hours should hang exactly. The clock will be accompanied, and perhaps completely no longer, if you hang their crooked.

Desk clock

Another type of hours – desktop. The main advantage they possess-compactness, because they occupy very little space. Such hours easily fit table, fireplace and other objects.

However, such hours are capable of making the completion of the room. Very well onescribed in the Personal Account or Library. Desktop watches can no question of business colleagues and partners.

In stores the choice of desktop clock is huge. You can find both calassic models and non-standard, made of glass or steel. Desktop clock has a lot of additional features, such as a thermometer that allows you to monitor the temperature-wedge.

It is worth remembering that there are a number of unwashed rules, the accimalation of one or another clock type.

If in the interior of the room was used very bright wallpaper, syharko pronounced drawings, then the clock will have to be chosen under them. If the room is in the form of a rhombus or square, then the clock must be exactly such a diameter. If the walls are present on the walls, with unique formams with fascinating images, you can also refuse.

If the clock is made of wood, then they must be excellently combined with the rest of the furniture. Very alive so that the watch case coincides with the color and image with the interior of the room.

The color of the case must be harmonized with wallpaper or wall color.If you decide to play in contrast, the room will have to arrange accessories with a color clock.

The clock for the interior can be both quartz, so the human, no matter what type they are. To your eyes always imagine the painting in the form of elegant clock and you are not confused in time, having missed an important meeting, watch their condition. Mechanical watches have to be insecured to bring them to not stop, and in quartz timely, the battery, without waiting for the moment when they stop.

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