How to choose furniture in the online store

Of course, there are furniture stores in Real. That’s just not very choice, and often in addition to the exhibited samples you will be offered to view the "To order" directory. Yes, you still need to find time to visit the "real" store. And if there you will not find what you need, and you have to look for another?

That is why the order of furniture via the network seems to be the best option. But do not forget about the "pitfalls" and traps who are waiting for you on this path.

First of all, Pay attention to the material from which furniture is made. The cheapest furniture, which for everyone by pocket, makes from chipboard. It is said that evaporation of glue, fastening wood chips, harmful to health. Yes, and it is unlikely that such a thing for the situation will last long. Therefore it is undesirable to acquire things from chipboard for residential rooms. Unless in the hallway. For living room or bedrooms, it is better to prefer MDF or natural wood. Although the price may be significantly higher, the thing will be better. Remember how many years we served as tables, cabinets and chairs produced in the last century!

Also matter dimensions. The thing may seem on the site, for example, sufficiently massive, and when it will be brought, it turns out that nothing climbs into it … it happens and on the contrary: the thing seems compact, and it is really not placed in the space allotted. Therefore, do not trust our eyes: I carefully measure the estimated place several times, where your new furniture will stand, and choosing it, oriented already for real sizes, and not the impression. By the way, if the cabinet or the rack is too high, to the ceiling, it will be difficult for you to get what lies on the upper shelves, and also wipe the dust.

Do not forget about color. Very often the thing can be purchased in several colors, so you can choose. But it happens that in the "Real" the furniture looks completely different. You have the full right to refuse to buy, if you brought furniture of the wrong color that you ordered.

But here is finally chosen, and you decided to order it. Immediately check the terms of delivery. Keep in mind that the low price may be more than "compensated" delivery cost. But it is difficult to abandon it, since the large-sized goods are hardly subject to pickup.

For example, within the city, the delivery amount may be alone, and beyond its limits can be counted for kilometer. If there is no direct entrance to the house, then you can take extra money for manual carrying. Alleged the cost of lifting the stairs if there is no elevator in the house. Thus, a couple of thousands is added to the cost of the goods itself ..

If the goods are not heavy (for example, chairs), then you can agree that you will deliver it only before the entrance, and then you will raise it yourself.

In theory, at the time of the transfer of goods it would be nice to inspect. Be sure to check the package, as they often do not bring some parts and parts. In theory, the number of "places" should be specified in the invoice you sign.

How to choose furniture in the online store

In case of marriage (chips, scratches), you have the right to refuse to buy or demand a replacement. It is advisable to always check the items with glass elements (say, mirrors or glass doors). But if it is problematic to break the packaging, ask at least what time it can be a complaint if there are deficiencies. And is it possible in principle. Often the store concludes a contract with the customer, which states that after the transfer of goods and money, the claim is not accepted, or are taken within a limited period – say, during the week-two.

Very important point – assembly. All large-sized furniture, as a rule, comes in a disassembled form. As for small-sized, it is necessary to find out whether the assembly is required for it. For outdoor hangers, for example, no one ordered the assembly, but I had to give a few hours with such a hanger, because it all consisted of individual parts, but I did not have any experience.

If the furniture clearly requires assembly, it is better to call a collector from the store, and not to take it yourself or ask for friends. Why? Very often, the kit is missing the necessary accessories, and you will need a lot of time and effort to get it all. And the collector is still connected to the store ..

Keep in mind that the price of assembly is usually about 10% of the value of the furniture itself, but may be no less than any amount. In addition, you can take money for additional services, for example, for attaching furniture to the wall. In theory, all prices should be indicated on the website of the store in the Price List.

But even if all the necessary information seems to be posted on the site, there are no more questions, before clicking on the "Order" button, will not prevent reading reviews about this store online. If you write a lot about interruptions with delivery, assembly, that furniture is poor quality, it is better not to risk and searching another store.

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