How to choose an espresso coffee maker for home

The modern market offers quite a few horn (espresso) coffee makers, so you will be from what to choose. It remains only to know what to pay attention to and how to choose an espresso coffee maker for home.

In the coffee maker, espresso coffee is prepared from ground grains that are exposed to high steam pressure. It is the drink prepared in this way and is called «espresso». The second name – «Rozhkovaya» – These coffee makers received due to the features of their design: filtration meshes or bags for ground coffee are replaced in such coffee makers with plastic or metal horns.

When preparing coffee in an espresso coffee maker, first of all, it is necessary to fill the boiler with water, and the horn is ground coffee, and it is necessary to make the contents of the horror. With all the rest, the coffee maker will cope: under high pressure, steam passes through the coffee powder, and then the finished drink is poured into a cup that it is desirable to warm.

Since the preparation of coffee is carried out under high pressure, from the coffee powder you can select the maximum of the beneficial substances and components that determine the aroma of the beverage. And even high water pressure allows you to extract up to 25% of the so-called coffee substance – And with ordinary preparation, this figure is 15–18%, so coffee grain consumption can be reduced by almost a third. Rozhkovy coffee makers Many users appreciate also because they allow you to create on the surface of the cooked drink «cream» – Fragrant foam.

So, the work of the hornk coffee maker is based on high steam pressure. Consequently, the selection of the device should start with this parameter.

Simplest, or «Junior» Models of Espresso coffee makers can develop pressure up to 4 bar. Water is heated by such devices in a closed container, and then, when the pressure limit is reached, the valve and steam opens through the coffee powder. Steam at the same time it turns out too hot, and it partially destroys the aroma of the drink. There is in such technology and plus: superheated steam allows you to extract more caffeine and make a drink more invigorating. Coffee makers providing a pressure of 3.5 bars, power usually does not exceed 1000 W, while cooking a cup of coffee takes time of about two minutes.

Higher-class devices are able to develop pressure up to 15 bar – This provides a built-in electromagnetic pump equipped with a thermoblock, heating water to about 84-95 degrees. This design literally pushes water under pressure through the particles of ground coffee on the filter, and the largest number of active components of coffee is closed. Power of devices with a pressure of 15 bar varies in the range of 1000-1700 W. For the preparation of a cup of coffee in these coffee makers, you need approximately half a minute.

Important parameter – The type of material from which the horn is made: Metal or Plastic. Preference should be given to the metal, because in the metal horn, coffee warms up better, and therefore – and drink will turn out to be more saturated and thick.

Coffee makers with a plastic horn give more watery coffee, in which it is more distinct to feel the sour shade of taste.

Reflecting on how to choose an espresso coffee maker for home, pay attention and size of water tank. Coffee makers, developing pressure up to 4 bar, usually have a small – 200-600 ml – Water tank. But in a coffee maker with a pressure at the level of 15 bar, you can pour up to one and a half liters of water, however, it will not work anyway to prepare more than two cups of drink.

How to choose an espresso coffee maker for home

If you like «cappuccino», Take care of how the function of cooking this type of coffee is implemented in a coffee maker. After all «cappuccino» – essentially «espresso», only covered with milk foam. To beat milk, horn coffee makers are equipped with various devices and nozzles. In this case, the cooking system «cappuccino», that is, whipping milk for receiving foam, happens mechanical and automatic.

«Cappuccinator» mechanical type is valid: the tube with the nozzle is lowered into a glass with milk, steam is driven under pressure, at the expense of which the foam is formed. But to prepare a truly high milk foam – «so as in a coffee shop» – not so easy. It requires almost professional skills and besides high fatty milk – more than 3.5% – or in general cream (fatty 11%).

It is much easier to prepare a milk foam with automatic «cappuccinator»: You just need to pour milk into a specially designed tank, turn on the mode «cappuccino» and – Voila! – Foam herself stalks in a cup. Coffee makers with automatic «cappuccinator» Sometimes also equipped with a function of adjusting the thickness of dairy foam.

Another espresso coffee maker – Ability to use packaged coffee in Caldah. Such «option» Significantly simplifies cooking "espresso" at home, providing very high quality drink.

Chalde – Portions of compressed roasted ground coffee for one welding (7 g), packed in a disposable factory packaging – placed between two layers of filter paper. Production technology of portion coffee – E.S.E. – world famous and recognized, and the coffee makers are called E.S.E.-compatible.

The undoubted advantage – simplicity of cooking drink and cleaning the device. There are minus: this additional feature significantly increases the price of the coffee maker.

How to choose an espresso coffee maker for home

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